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Jerry In Prison - Part 2: The Temple of Torture

2023-01-20 21:55:09

The guard-captain was holding Jerry’s handcuffed arms behind his back as he led the condemned man, naked, to the Temple of Torture. Jerry’s heart was racing. Yet again, his mind was full of thoughts of how he could have done things differently at home, wishing more than ever that he had never gone with his buddies to rob that store. But no, he wanted them to think he was cool, and look where it landed him. He had just been brutally beaten and raped by the sadistic Warden Polinski, and now he was being taken to a special room just for more of that, plus God knows what else. He didn’t say a word as he walked; he was sure that if he opened his mouth even once, he would either start crying like a baby in spite of himself, or be sick.

Though it was a fairly short walk, it seemed to go on forever, and with each step Jerry took, his anxiety shot up several levels. To him, it felt like he was being led to the gallows. And even now, he foolishly wished he was; right now, death felt like a blessing compared to what he was about to be subjected to. Other prisoners watched as Jerry was led to his doom. Some of them had pitying, sympathetic looks on their faces, while others snickered behind their hands.

Finally, they reached a door that had a huge picture of skull and crossbones on it. The Temple of Torture lay within. The guard-captain reached into his pocket and pulled out a blindfold, which he put over Jerry’s eyes. Jerry was trembling and sweating profusely as he heard three loud knocks, and the door open…

Jerry was led a few steps inside. The room was stiflingly hot and humid. He heard light laughter as he entered and assumed that it must be the men who were about to further destroy his ass. Then the guard-captain spoke.

“I’m gonna take the handcuffs off now, and if you make any sudden movements, the rest of your time in this place will be THE worst time of your life. These men are about to show you what happens when you break the top rules in this prison. They are your masters, you are their slave; you are their bitch! Your body is for them to abuse and torment!”

And with that, he unlocked the uncomfortably tight cuffs, and Jerry stood still, fearing what would happen if he didn’t. “Boys, he’s all yours!” said the captain, and he removed Jerry’s blindfold and took his exit.

Five naked men stood side-by-side in front of Jerry, each of their faces lit up with cruel excitement.

The first man, on the far left was named Chico. He was a short but muscular Mexican man. His face was mean-looking with a short black goatee and mustache, and his torso bore several tattoos. His dick stood erect at only about 7 inches, but it had a decent girth of about 2 inches. Chico was a rough-and-tumble guy of20, who got mixed in with the wrong crowd, and was now in jail for drug trafficking.

Next to Chico stood Malik. Malik was a tall, strapping, dark-skinned Black man of about 25. His head was shaven bald and he had a very menacing look about him. His cock was less thick than Chico’s, but it was still quite long at about 9½ inches. He was in prison for a long term on several charges, including drug possession, assault on a female, raping his ex-girlfriend and molesting her daughter.

In the middle was Franco. Franco was a rough, tough, highly pugnacious, 23-year-old white man, taller than Chico, but slightly shorter than Malik. He was not very big, but he had rock-hard, well-built muscles and tattoos covered his upper torso, and Jerry knew his reputation of fighting in the prison; he was a very good fighter and he was very strong. And he was the biggest wigger Jerry had ever known. He had short, dark hair and a brutal, badass-looking face with a scar over his left eye that he had received in a fight. A rigid 10-by-2 inches of cock protruded from his hips. Franco was in for the same length of time as Jerry, though his time was almost over, for several cases of assault and fighting.

Second from the right stood Ray. Ray was another Black man, light-skinned with dreadlocks, rather short and only slightly pot-bellied, with a few tattoos. Apart from the others, he had a young, innocent-looking face, but those who really knew him knew not to be fooled; the boyish face only concealed a cruel, icy soul. The 27-year-old man was in prison on a 25-to-life sentence for murdering his own mother in cold blood. His cock was roughly the same length as Chico’s, but with a little less girth.

But Jerry almost fainted with horror upon seeing the man that stood on the far right. It was the man every single inmate in the prison feared above anyone else, besides Warden Polinski. LUKAS.

Lukas was a very tall, very muscular man, a giant compared to the others. He was white, but his skin had a dark tone to it, or maybe it only looked that way because he had a copious amount of body hair. The top of his head had a very small amount of stubble, and he had a thick mustache and beard; he was one of those hyper-masculine bears. And his cock was by far the biggest out of all the men, perhaps even of all men in the prison. 12 inches jutted straight out from his hips, and it had a girth of about 2½ inches. Some people wondered foolishly if he had ever injected steroids straight into his dick; no man could POSSIBLY have a dick of that size by nature, could they?

35-year-old Lukas was one of the most notorious men in the upper Midwest. Roughly ten years ago, he had been condemned to spend the rest of his life in prison after his six-month reign of terror, during which he had viciously raped more than 300 men and more than 100 young boys across three states, finally killing two boys out of rage. It was rumored than it was his ambition to be sent to prison for life so that he could rape any man he wanted and not get in trouble for it. His only definition of “sex” was his mutated dick beating the shit out of another man’s asshole. Any man he raped would never be the same after he was done with them. Since Jerry had been in prison, he had witnessed Lukas rape several men, at least two a day. But rumor also had it that he raped at least ten men each day. People also believed (and so far, it seemed to be true) that Lukas never set his eyes on any particular man; he would just get a desire to rape, and whichever man was in the wrong place at the wrong time fell victim to being ravaged by the foot-long dick. And every prisoner was tested for HIV before they came; no one in this prison was positive, so Lukas didn’t have to worry about that. No inmate was safe or immune from Lukas’s wrath (except those who were lucky enough to befriend him), and all any man could do was pray that Lukas didn’t grab him next, but it was often said that as long as Lukas was living, there would be no man that could say that they went to this prison and got out without being raped by Lukas at least once.

So now here Jerry was, faced with his two biggest fears within the prison; a gang rape in the Temple of Torture, and the brutish, rape-happy Lukas. For the first time since he had been incarcerated, he wished that he had just turned his friends in at that trial; whatever they would have done was nothing compared to what was about to happen to him now. And there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to get out of it…

Jerry suddenly scrammed for the door and started banging hard on it, screaming for the guard-captain to let him out and he would never put his hands on another guard again. But a hand grabbed his left shoulder and turned him back around. He had a split second’s view of Franco’s glowering face before the latter’s fist collided with the side of his head. Jerry fell to the floor, feeling like he had been clubbed across the head with an iron bat. He started crying again.

“Shut the fuck up!” yelled Franco in his rough, medium-pitched voice, kicking him in the stomach.

Malik snickered. “This little bitch nigga think he special, cuz he don’t fuck with nobody like that. Shit don’t work like that around here, homeboy.”

Franco and Malik grabbed Jerry by the ankles and dragged him to a door on the other side of the room. It led to a personal bathroom, complete with sink, toilet and bathtub/shower. Malik dragged him into the shower and bent him over, holding his head firmly between his legs. Franco grabbed the shower hose which had, instead of a shower head, a nozzle attached to the end.

“We gotta make sure that butt is clean, nigga,” said Franco. “Cuz if I see any shit on my dick, I’ll kill you!” And he shoved the nozzle up Jerry’s ass and turned on the hot water. Jerry whined in pain as the water felt excruciating, filling his intestines. After ten seconds, Franco removed the hose and a torrent of water and tiny bits of fecal matter spewed from within. Five times Franco filled Jerry’s ass with hot water until he was quite sure no poop was left. He turned the water off and Malik parted his legs and lifted Jerry up. The two of them then dragged him out of the bathroom and to the middle of the Temple, where there was an elevated cot-like table. Franco lifted Jerry to his feet.

“No getting out of this one, BITCH!” he said, accenting the last word with a punch to Jerry’s gut. “You’re not going anywhere till we’re done!” And he bent Jerry over the table.

“The little puto wants to play rough, eh?” said Chico, staring directly into Jerry’s pained face just inches away. “Well, we’re gonna show you just how rough we can play, ese,” he whispered with a sick smile on his face. He reached down and from somewhere under the table withdrew a large spoon.

“Yo Ray,” he said. “You feel like spooning, homes?”

Jerry felt his insides clench. He had seen this in a movie, and it had seemed dreadfully realistic. Looking to his right, Jerry saw Ray’s innocent face smiling wickedly.

“Yeah,” he said in a high-pitched but cold voice. “That sounds like a good idea.”

“And I feel like getting some fuckin’ head!” said Franco.

Chico put the spoon up to Jerry’s mouth and said, “Lick it, pendejo!”

Whimpering in pain and shame, Jerry took the spoon into his mouth and allowed his saliva to lubricate it, even though he knew what was about to happen would still hurt like hell. After about ten seconds, Chico yanked the spoon out and handed it behind Jerry to Ray. Then he took his place on Jerry’s left and Malik stood on the right, and they forced Jerry’s shoulders downward so that he was now fully bent over the table. Franco stepped in front of Jerry, his 10-inch dick pointed right in front of his face. He lifted his chin up.

“You’re gonna suck my dick like a good little whore,” he snarled. “While my nigga Ray spoons with ya, understand?”

Jerry didn’t answer. Franco raised his eyebrows and said, “Well, Lukas…”

Lukas stepped up beside Malik and raised his huge hand, and with all his strength, brought it down on Jerry’s ass. Jerry screamed loudly and Franco took the opportunity, and shoved his cock roughly into his open mouth. Jerry choked and gagged and yelled, trying to get away, but Franco smacked the back of his neck, and so Jerry had no choice but to suck the huge dick in his mouth. He bobbed his head back and forth slowly until…

Jerry gave another agonized yell. The smacks from Lukas and Franco had stupefied him, and he had forgotten that Ray was standing behind him. Without warning, Ray had started to shove the spoon into Jerry’s already abused asshole. The pain was unbearable, and yet Ray did not stop. He gave a few short hard thrusts and then, he shoved the entire head of the spoon into his rectum. The pain was so intense that he inadvertently clenched his teeth around Franco’s dick.


Franco pulled himself out, cursing and yelling in pain and rage. Temporarily in shock, Chico and Malik released Jerry, and for a fleeting second, Jerry was free and got off the table. He pushed Lukas as he got up, but next second, Malik and Chico had grabbed him and held him steady on his feet.

Franco turned around to face Jerry, his face contorted with utmost fury. Jerry knew he was in for it now.

“You bit my fuckin’ dick, nigga!” he yelled, pointing down at the teeth marks Jerry had made. “Motherfucker, I ought to—”

With what seemed like lightning speed, Franco drew his fist back and drove it into the center of Jerry’s face. The impact of the punch echoed through the sultry, spacious room, and Jerry felt like his nose was possibly broken. But Franco wasn’t done yet. As Warden Polinski had done when Jerry had pissed him off, Franco unleashed a violent storm of fists all over Jerry. Even through the pain of each blow, Jerry couldn’t help but wonder stupidly; if Franco and Polinski ever had a boxing match or MMA fight, it would be a VERY close contest; Franco could hit pretty damn hard for a little dude…

Jerry was brought back to life by a vicious uppercut from Franco. His torso was covered in bruises from the heavily knuckled fists, and blood poured slowly from his nose.

“Hey!” said Lukas suddenly in his gruff, low-pitched voice. “This bitch pushed me when he was trying to get away. I think I need something to show for that.”

Franco grinned evilly and stepped aside. Lukas stood in front of Jerry, looking sadistic. Jerry’s eyes were fearful and teary.

“Spread his legs,” he said to Malik and Chico, and they hooked their feet around Jerry’s and forced his legs apart. Lukas wound his arm back and around in big circles as though getting ready to throw a pitch. But instead, he brought his open hand up and smacked Jerry’s nut sack. Chico and Malik released Jerry at the moment of impact, and he fell to his knees, yelling and crying.

“Hey, yo!” said Ray, who was still standing beside the table and had not moved while Franco had been beating up Jerry. “I ain’t done spoonin’ with that nigga.”

“Yeah, and I never got to nut in the bitch’s mouth, either!” said Franco. Malik and Chico picked Jerry up off the floor and bent him back over the table. Franco walked to a cabinet within the room and opened it. Inside was an entire arsenal of BDSM accessories and sex toys. There were probes, dildos of all shapes and sizes, paddles, whips, leather straps, and anything else you could think of. Franco searched for a brief moment and withdrew a mouth vise. He closed the door back and walked over to the men at the table, standing once again in front of Jerry.

“No biting this time,” he panted. “Open up.”

Jerry didn’t open up at once, but he suddenly felt a pain in his ass that caused him to let out another hair-raising yell; he had forgotten that the spoon was still up his ass, and without warning, Ray had yanked it back out, causing pain to shoot through Jerry’s body. Jerry’s mouth was then stuck open; Franco had seized the chance and forced the vise into his mouth and quickly fastened it tightly. Franco squatted down and stared right into Jerry’s bloody, tear-streaked face. Something about Franco’s cold, gray eyes caused Jerry to panic for a second, but Franco’s back-fist struck him in the jaw, and he abruptly stopped.

“Nigga, you just don’t know when to stop, do you?” he said angrily. “Your resistance don’t mean shit to us!”

He stood back up and said to Ray, “Yo, give this bitch a REAL good spooning, my nigga.”

“Gladly,” said Ray, moving the spoon back up to Jerry’s asshole. Malik and Chico held Jerry’s arms tightly on the table, ensuring no flailing.

Franco lifted Jerry’s face up and shoved his cock into Jerry’s vised mouth. It hit the back of his throat, causing him to gag. Behind him, Ray started to shove the spoon back into Jerry’s ass at a different angle, ensuring more discomfort. Jerry yelled as loudly as he could through the vise and Franco’s dick, but as his mouth could not close, there was nothing he could really bite down on to ease the pain. The scream sent a vibration through Franco’s swollen penis.

“Oh, hell yeah,” said Franco. “I like that shit, bitch boy. Yeah, keep screaming like that.”

Franco began fucking Jerry’s face very hard, while Ray raped his asshole with the spoon, shoving it in and out, twisting it around. Jerry’s agonized screams were muffled through the thick cock in his mouth. Tears streamed down his face as he was violated. Every now and then, big Lukas would smack his heavy hands against Jerry’s butt cheeks or his nut sack. And Jerry could not move out of the tight grips of Chico and Malik.

“Yeah, nigga!” yelled Franco after a few minutes. “You’re gonna swallow my fuckin’ load if you know what’s good for ya!” He shoved his cock in and out of Jerry’s face for about thirty more seconds and then began to groan as he felt his cum rising and his meat bone swell.

Ray yanked the spoon painfully out of Jerry’s asshole one last time, causing Jerry to scream again. The yell sent another vibration through Franco’s dick and sent him over the edge. He let out a guttural groan as his dick spasmed and shot forth a huge load into Jerry’s vised mouth, holding his head in place. Jerry steeled his stomach against the foul, salty taste as the cum ran down his throat. Tears streamed down his face as he looked up into Franco’s eyes, looking down at him with a twisted grin. Franco yanked his softening cock out of Jerry’s mouth and knelt down in front of him, face-to-face.

“Why the fuck you cryin’, nigga?” he said in a poisonous voice. “You know you fuckin’ liked that shit.” And he hawked back and spit a loogie into Jerry’s open mouth. Jerry flinched and the pure disgust of it was too much. His gag reflexes got the best of him and before he could stop himself, he vomited all over Franco’s chest.

Franco stood up straight, his face wide with shock and disgust. He walked across the room into the bathroom. Meanwhile, Malik yanked Jerry into a standing position and got right in his face.

“Boy, you REALLY done fucked up now,” he said, a sadistic smile on his face as he unfastened the vise, took it out of Jerry’s mouth and tossed it to the side. Beside them, Ray, Lukas, and Chico were staring at him with mean grins as well. There was the sound of running water coming from the bathroom for about one minute, and then Franco came back out, clean of the puke. If looks could kill, Jerry would be dead right now; “death glare” would be an understatement to the scowl that Franco wore on his face, and his scar made him look ten times more dangerous. He strode right over, drew his fist back, and came up with another surprisingly hard uppercut. Jerry would have landed on the ground if Malik had not been right behind him; he put Jerry in a full nelson and Franco got in his face.

“If you EVER,” he snarled in his beastlike voice, “pull that shit again, I will shank you right through yo fuckin’ head. Boy, I can’t wait to get all up in that tight little ass of yours.”

“Me first, ese!” said Chico, who was getting quite hyper. “I wanna fuck the shit outta that pretty culo, homes!”

Behind them, Lukas was sniffing his big, hairy armpits. “I got an idea,” he growled. “Bend the bitch over and rub his face all in these pits, huh? Let him bask in the smell of a REAL man while you fuck his pretty butt.”

Jerry was shaking from head to toe, covered in sweat, and Chico looked at him with angry lust, stroking his 7-inch dick. Lukas walked over to the table and lay upon it on his back, his hands behind his head, revealing his sweaty, shaggy pits. Jerry’s face contorted in revulsion; this was just too much. Lukas leaned his face to the left and took a long, deep whiff of his pit. He gave a deep growl with a euphoric look on his face.

“Oh yeah,” he said in his husky voice. “Nice, ripe and musty.”

“All for you, sweet boy,” whispered Chico, slapping Jerry’s ass. Malik released him, but as if their moves were premeditated, Jerry had barely moved before the wind was punched out of him by Franco. The gut-punch doubled him over and Franco grabbed him by the neck and forced him forward.

“You gonna LOVE this shit, bitch,” he said, and with a heavy motion, he forced Jerry’s head downward and buried his face in Lukas’s hot, sweaty armpit. The musky, masculine odor filled Jerry’s nostrils, and the sweat from the pit hair in his mouth coated his tongue. The feeling was totally revolting, and he couldn’t fathom how anyone could have a fetish for this stuff, as he knew some people did. Franco began to rub Jerry’s face all around Lukas’s smelly pit, covering his face with sweat that wasn’t his own.

“Come on, Chico. I know you want this ass,” he laughed.

“Oh, hell yeah, ese,” replied Chico, getting hyper. “I’m ready to do some damage to that culo!” He walked up behind Jerry and spit into his hand. He rubbed the saliva onto his fat cock and with no hesitation, pushed himself balls-deep into Jerry’s ass. Jerry screamed again, muffled through Lukas’s armpit. The combination of pain from being butt-raped and the awful taste of blood from his nose and sweat from the stinking pit was making Jerry feel sick again. His body would not be able to take much more. Chico fucked Jerry as hard as he could, making sure every thrust made a loud slapping noise. He yelled as he pounded the tight ass, shouting profanities in English and Spanish, building up his stamina and making him fuck harder. Every now and then Franco would lift Jerry’s head and shove his face into Lukas’s other hairy, musty pit.

“That’s right, fucker,” he growled as his pits were ravaged by Jerry’s face. “Smell that fuckin’ pit sweat. Fuckin’ real man smell. Now lick that shit. I wanna feel your tongue in my pit.”

“Do what he says, nigga!” yelled Franco and Ray simultaneously. Crying, Jerry complied. He began running his tongue all around the pit. Lukas then brought his arm down and locked it around Jerry’s head. Now his head was trapped completely in his brawny arms. His face was buried in the musty armpit, and his head was being pressured by Lukas’s firm biceps. Chico continued fucking Jerry’s butt, and now Jerry barely had any room or air to scream. It was pure hell for ten minutes until Chico finally felt himself ready to blow.

“Oh fuck yeah, puto!” he yelled as his pounding became long and hard. “I’m gonna juice this pretty culo up real good!” He gave about fifteen more super hard thrusts and yelled in relief as he released his cum into Jerry’s ass. Lukas gripped his arm around Jerry’s head hard, and the latter’s ass clenched in pain, making Chico’s nut-busting more enjoyable…

“What the fuck???”

Chico yanked his softening cock out of Jerry’s ass, his eyes wide with surprise. The other men looked at Jerry too. Jerry didn’t realize it until Chico pulled out of his ass and he felt a liquid warmness around his feet. The pain had caused him to lose control of his bladder, and he was still peeing, unable to stop it until he was finished.

“This nigga enjoys water sports!” laughed Malik, and then he looked at Jerry sternly. “But I don’t appreciate you defiling our floor with your fuckin’ piss.”

He grabbed Jerry and threw him onto the floor. “Fellas,” he said. “Since little bitch boy here likes pissing games, why don’t WE show him one? Get up on your knees, boy!”

Jerry wished he could just run away and never come back, but he knew there was no escape; the torture and humiliation would continue until the men had had their complete fill. And the worst was yet to come; Lukas and Franco, who had the two biggest cocks of all, had not gotten his chance to pound his asshole yet. So he slowly got up to his knees. The five men stood around him in a circle, their dicks pointed down at him.

“Time for a golden shower, nigga,” said Ray sadistically. And with that, the men released their bladders and began pissing all over Jerry, his head, chest, back, ass, legs, anywhere they could reach. Jerry hung his head in shame and wept as the warm fluid sprayed onto him, wishing he could just die. The inmates sneered at him, making dirty remarks in low voices as they continued their seemingly endless pissing.

After about thirty seconds of urinating, the men suddenly stopped. Jerry gasped; a slightly relieved look on his face. But when he opened his eyes, he saw that the men had gathered close in front of him, and their dicks were directed right towards his face, with the exception of Chico, who had been behind Jerry pissing on his back. Now he grabbed Jerry’s head and held it in place.

“¡Abre la boca, puto!” he snapped. Very reluctantly, Jerry eased his mouth open.

“Better keep that shit open too, boy,” said Lukas.

“Nah, fuck that!” said Franco furiously. “I ain’t havin’ this nigga spittin’ piss all over me.” He walked over and picked up the vise he had used when fucking Jerry’s mouth. “His shit is gonna STAY open.”

“Nice idea, my nigga,” said Ray as Franco refastened the vice, ensuring that Jerry could not close his mouth at all. “Our own little toilet. Hold him tight, Chico.”

Franco took his place back in front of Jerry and directed his dick right at his mouth.

“Bathroom break, fellas?” he asked.

The men nodded, and then they started pissing again, directly into Jerry’s open mouth. Jerry couldn’t help but gag as his mouth was filled; the foul taste was just too much for him.

“Better suck that shit up, nigga,” said Malik, looking at Jerry gag as if he was stupid to do so. Coming to the conclusion that they were going to further torment him no matter what happened, Jerry tried to steel his stomach and swallow the piss as best he could. The men laughed as he did so, calling him a “good little piss pig.”

One by one they slowly stopped peeing. Chico slackened his grip on Jerry’s head and instinctively, the latter choked hard on the urine that was still in his mouth and accidentally spit it all over the men’s feet. They looked at him crazily.

“You just don’t know how to control yourself, do you?” said Malik. “I think you need a spanking.”

“You guys get ya shit,” said Franco dismissively. “I just like beatin’ this nigga up. I’mma just use my fists.”

He gave Jerry a sick grin and yanked him to his feet as the other men walked over to the BDSM cabinet. Laughing wickedly, he dragged him over to an arch-like contraption that had four sets of handcuffs; two on the top in the middle and two at the bottom on either side. As Franco began cuffing Jerry’s hands to the top sets of cuffs, Jerry started writhing and yelling incoherently through the vise. Once Franco had fastened both of the handcuffs around Jerry’s wrists, he punched him in the stomach and told him to shut the fuck up and be still. He knelt down and fastened both sets of bottom cuffs around either of his ankles. The cuffs now held his arms in place above his head and his legs painfully apart. He was accessible from the front and the back.

Franco walked around him, snickering. “And yo skin is nice and wet with sweat and piss. That means it’s REALLY gonna hurt.”

Jerry whimpered as Franco unfastened the vise. “I like hearing you scream, nigga,” he hissed. “You guys ready now?” he shot at the inmates.

“Let’s do it!” said Chico. He was holding a leather strap that resembled a belt. Meanwhile Lukas had a heavy wooden paddle with several holes drilled through it, Malik had gotten a leather cat-o’-nine-tails, and Ray had a riding crop.

Lukas walked in front of Jerry and shoved his armpit in Jerry’s face again; rubbing it all around and making sure Jerry got a really good taste of that smelly sweat.

“Had to get that outta my system,” he chuckled at the other men. Franco then walked over to the cabinet and withdrew a blindfold which he put over Jerry’s eyes. Jerry’s heart sunk with terror as his vision was blocked; now he would not know when a blow was coming. Lukas and Chico stood behind Jerry, while Franco, Ray and Malik stood in front of him.

“Naughty little boys deserve to be punished,” said Lukas, and he brought the paddle back and with all his strength, swung it into Jerry’s butt cheeks. The smack resonated throughout the room, mingled with Jerry’s howl of pain. His pale, white ass immediately began turning red. Then the other men began to beat Jerry; Chico whipped him with the strap from behind like a slave, raising several angry red welts on his back; Ray struck the riding crop against every inch of Jerry’s torso he could reach; Malik swung the cat-o’-nine-tails wildly into Jerry’s chest and stomach, turning it red, too; Franco landed punch after punch into Jerry’s gut with incredible speed and strength; and Lukas spanked Jerry’s ass with the paddle, striking every ten or fifteen seconds or so, each lick just as strong as the first one. All the while, Jerry was screaming so loudly he was starting to lose his voice. The brutish men showed no signs of letting up for a good seven minutes; by that time, Jerry had lost consciousness.

“Damn,” panted Franco. “I don’t know about you guys, but I think a break is in order.”

The other men, who were also out of breath, agreed with him. Chico walked over to where their clothes were laying, reached into his pants and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He gave one each to Franco, Ray, Lukas, and Malik, and took one for himself. The men sat there for about ten minutes, smoking and gearing themselves up for phase two of Jerry’s torture, while Jerry hung limply in the handcuff-arch, unconscious and unaware that he was being spared a few minutes of pain…

Once the break was over, Franco went into the bathroom for a few seconds. Running water was heard from inside, then he came out with a bucket filled with cold water. After removing the blindfold, he splashed some in Jerry’s face and he woke up, coughing and sputtering.

“You thought this shit was over, bitch?” said Franco with a crazed look in his eye. “We’re just getting started!”

Ray walked in front of him holding a bag of about fifty wooden clothespins. He began attaching them to various parts of Jerry’s body, his arms, legs, chest, nipples, and privates. He winced with pain every time a clothespin was put on his skin, especially from the five put on his penis, and the five put on his scrotum. Once Ray was done attaching the pins, he picked the riding crop back up.

“Malik, I think it’s your turn to get that ass, my nigga,” he said. “Tear that booty up.”

Malik puckered his lips and made kissing noises at Jerry before moving behind him. He smacked his butt cheeks a couple of times before pressing his 9-½ inch cock up to Jerry’s hole.

“Let’s see how he likes dark meat,” he said, and he started to shove his big dick up Jerry’s ass. Jerry screamed loudly again; his hole had contracted from not being fucked for a while and from the pain of the whipping and clothespins. Now he felt like he was being stretched back out even though Malik’s dick wasn’t very thick. The length still stabbed at his insides painfully as Malik began fucking slowly, but brutally. Jerry groaned in agony as he was continuously destroyed from the inside. Then Ray swung the riding crop and knocked one of the clothespins off of one of Jerry’s nipples. He yelled out and the pain caused him to clench his asshole around Malik’s dick.

“Yeah, keep doing that, Ray!” grunted Malik. Ray continued whipping the clothespins off of Jerry’s body, each causing him to spontaneously squeeze his rectum around the big black dick inside him, which kept pounding his hole hard. Every now and then Ray would stop knocking clothespins off and whip random places on Jerry’s body. But he saved the pins on Jerry’s genitals for last.

Malik started fucking faster as he felt himself getting ready to cum. He dug his fingers into Jerry’s hips, leaving more red marks. Jerry could only cry and yell as he was brutalized. Then Ray reached in and yanked off one of each of the five pins on his dick and ball sack, sending a horrible shock of pain through Jerry’s body, causing him to clench his butt even harder. Malik started moaning in pleasure as he fucked as fast and hard as he could. Ray yanked off four more pins (two off his dick, two off his balls) and Jerry squeezed again. Malik was fucking madly now, and the pressure of Jerry’s rectum around his cock finally sent him over the edge. He gave a few more hard strokes and with a loud moan he shot his load into the battered asshole. After his first jet, Ray yanked the final clothespins off of Jerry’s man parts, causing him to squeeze harder than ever. Malik roared in pleasure as his nut intensified with the pressure, slamming his convulsing cock into Jerry, who was feeling faint again. Once every drop of sperm juice had been expelled, Malik yanked himself out.

Ray who had been stroking his cock as he whipped Jerry, now moved to the back, while Malik withdrew what looked like a thin bamboo stick from the cabinet and took his place in front.

“Come on, nigga,” he said to Ray. “He’s hungry for some more Black dick.”

Ray did not need telling twice. With one forceful thrust, his dick was buried in Jerry’s tight hole. Jerry yelled and cried as he began thrusting just as Malik had done, slow and hard. Once he got a good rhythm going, Malik began whipping Jerry’s chest, stomach, and arms with the bamboo stick, raising more welts and causing his anus to contract tightly again. Jerry’s voice was almost gone from screaming so much and now he was sobbing as he was whipped and butt-fucked. Chico, Franco and Lukas stood nearby, shouting at Ray, encouraging him to fuck harder, and he did just that as Malik’s stick brought forth more welts. Jerry writhed and bawled loudly, begging them to stop. But his cries fell on deaf ears and his hands and feet were trapped in the cuffs, so he could not move an inch.

Ray felt his nuts throbbing and his dick swelling, signaling that he was about to shoot yet more cum up Jerry’s ass, so he fucked as hard as he could.

“Make him squeeze that butt around me!” he yelled at Malik, and the latter gave him several hard whips from the stick. Ray fucked hard for a few more seconds and started moaning loudly.

“Oh, fuck yeah! OHHH FUCK!”

Ray went over the edge and dumped his big load into Jerry’s rectum, slamming himself in a few more times. Jerry whined, for he somehow knew that the worst was about to happen…

Once Ray was done cumming, he unlocked all four cuffs and Jerry fell to the floor, weakened with pain. Malik dragged him to the water bucket that was still beside the arch and dunked his head in it, making sure he was wide awake. Jerry emerged coughing and gasping for air and Ray stepped right up to him.

“Clean my fuckin’ dick, nigga,” he demanded, pointing at his half-erect, cum-covered cock. Jerry complied grudgingly, licking up every drop of the nasty liquid.

“Now get that nigga over here!” shouted Franco, who was just getting more hyper by the minute. “My turn to tear that ass up!”

Jerry cried again. “Please, no more!” he said hoarsely. “I’ve had enough, I’m in pain, I—”

His words were cut off when Malik swung his hand into Jerry’s balls. He doubled over, and Malik and Ray dragged him back over to the table, where Franco was just itching to fuck the shit out of him.

“Put that fucker on his back!” said Franco. “I wanna see this nigga’s face, watch his pain!” Malik and Ray lifted Jerry onto the table so that his legs were hanging off the edge. They held him in place while Chico went to the cabinet and pulled out another set of handcuffs, with a longer chain that would fit under the table. Malik and Ray held Jerry’s arms under the table while Chico cuffed his wrists. Then they lifted his legs so that his ass was exposed, oozing with the cum that had been deposited in there.

Franco moved in front of Jerry with a demonic glint in his eyes, lining his dick up to his throbbing anus. “I’m gonna fuck you like a dirty slut, just like I fuck my bitch at home; hard, rough, and raw, just the way SHE likes it. I dunno about your tight little boy-ass, though. I’m gonna make yo shit bleed!”

He punched Jerry’s ball sack hard, causing Jerry to wince again and his ass to contract, and at the moment the hole was at its smallest, Franco drove himself in balls-deep, HARD.

Jerry gave a hair-raising wail as the walls of his rectum were suddenly stretched past their limits. Though it was still lubricated with the other men’s cum, the sheer size was tearing him to pieces. With the same crazy look on his face, Franco began pounding with no mercy, pulling his huge dick almost all the way out before slamming himself down to his balls again. Jerry was quite sure that the huge member would perforate his colon at some point; he had never imagined something this long and wide in his rectum, and the speed with which Franco was pumping his cock was unbelievable. Smack after loud smack of flesh echoed through the room, mingling with Jerry’s screaming and the men’s yelling. Jerry writhed to no avail; his hands were cuffed under the table, the Black men were holding his legs tightly, and Franco dug his fingertips into his thighs as he fucked like a rabid carnivore, his ripped muscles glowing with sweat. Jerry was in so much pain that he was forgetting where he was; Franco pounded with increasing vigor and Jerry felt like his ass was being repeatedly stabbed with a white-hot knife. He screamed while Franco hurled vulgarities and obscenities in his face, accenting his words with thrusts. He kept at this for ten minutes before Lukas stepped up to Jerry’s head; only then did he stop, but it wasn’t to last.

“I wanna sit on the bitch boy’s face,” Lukas laughed.

“Go right ahead,” said Franco, panting. “Let him eat yo ass while I fuck him insane!”

Jerry had opened his eyes slightly when Franco had stopped his psychotic humping, but upon hearing these words, he opened them wide and saw Lukas put his back to Franco. Lukas spread his butt cheeks open, revealing his hairy asshole. Jerry panicked; he had already been forced to suck dick, lick armpits, and swallow piss and cum, but now this?

Lukas was tall enough that he only needed to squat down a few inches. He plopped his smelly hole right onto Jerry’s mouth and demanded he start licking, while Franco went into super-beast mode and resumed raping Jerry’s butt with inhuman force. Jerry screamed out his pain and dislike of the situation through Lukas’s asshole; he was beginning to think that Franco’s rape of his ass was going to be worse than what Lukas had in store for him, even though Lukas had a much bigger dick; Franco was one hype motherfucker and he was pounding so hard and fast, it was crazy…

“LICK MY FUCKIN’ ASS!” barked Lukas.

The extreme pain in his ass was distracting; Jerry couldn’t concentrate on anything else. And the smell of the hairy hole on his face just made it worse. He stuck his tongue out and probed lightly at Lukas’s hole, but the latter wasn’t having it. Lukas began grinding his hairy butt on Jerry’s face, every now and then stopping to allow him at least a little breath. Jerry could hardly breathe anyway between the rancid smell of ass and his screaming from being raped so viciously.

Fifteen more minutes went by of Franco’s anal hammering, and every now and then Lukas would switch from rubbing his ass to rubbing his armpits in Jerry’s face.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna fuckin cum!” yelled Franco, and he pounded as hard as he could. His eyes rolled back as his orgasm drew nearer and he yelled in pleasure as his dick swelled.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ahh, OH FUCK!”

Lukas wrenched Jerry’s nipples hard, causing Jerry’s ass to contract and making Franco explode in his ass, fucking the tight space hard as he shot jet after jet of hot cum within, his face scrunched and blushing. When he was finally done, he pulled out and walked up to Jerry’s head.

“Clean that shit!” he snapped, pointing at his cum-laced cock. Jerry was very weak now and could barely move, but he complied, knowing that Franco would fuck him up if he didn’t. Once his dick was clean, Franco collapsed into a chair along the wall.

“I haven’t had a hot fuck like that since the last time I fucked my girl!” he panted, sweating profusely.

“Need a break, homes?” Chico said, laughing. He gave Franco a cigarette and some matches.

“You guys should get the cum outta that nigga’s ass and make him eat that shit,” said Franco as he lit his cigarette.

“I don’t think so,” said Lukas who was stroking his giant dick. “He’s gonna need it for this ass-fucking I’m about to give him.”

Jerry was starting to come back to his senses; Franco had fucked him stupid, of course, but now that he was not in the process of being brutalized, he realized that Lukas was getting ready for his turn at his beyond-damaged asshole. Franco had already stretched him out, but Lukas’s dick was longer and thicker; there was no earthly way it could even fit! But then again, it happened to several men each day, so what did he know? And besides, his hands were still cuffed under the table, so he could not move to save his life.

“Yeah, fuck the SHIT outta him, homie!” said Franco.

Jerry realized that his legs were free, and he started kicking the air around him, shaking the table, apparently trying to get it to overturn. But Lukas was too fast for him; he had Jerry’s ankles in a tight grip in no time, and Jerry started to cry, begging Lukas not to rape him, but Lukas only laughed.

“You’re about to find out why I’m in here for the rest of my life, bitch boy,” he said. And with that, he pointed his dick directly at Jerry’s ripped asshole and forced himself in.

Jerry gave another agonized screech as Lukas’s king-size cock tore into him. The longer, thicker cock felt like a white-hot baseball bat was reaming him out. The tight space clenched around his cock, which you guessed it, only made Lukas push harder. Jerry’s asshole had never stretched out this far, and even now, Jerry could have sworn he could feel the insides of his intestines being ripped open as Lukas forced himself deeper. The lubrication of the cum already in his ass was doing nothing to prevent extreme pain; Lukas’s penis was entirely too wide to make for any type of ease, and he knew he would keep going until his ENTIRE cock was buried in his ass. Inch by inch Lukas dug in, his face contorting with the pressure. He wanted so badly to just SLAM his meat stick into the pretty hole, but knew he would have to tough it out until Jerry’s rectum walls gave in.

After about a minute, Lukas was finally balls-deep in Jerry’s ass; Jerry was yelling his head off again.

“Why are you doing all this screaming?” said Lukas with an evil gleam in his eye. “I haven’t even started.” He made a kissing gesture and partially withdrew his cock very slowly, before suddenly slamming it back in hard. Jerry writhed and shrieked, but as he was still cuffed to the table, there was nowhere he could go. Lukas gave him a series of these long, hard strokes, and then he completely lost himself. He started fucking mercilessly, smacking his balls against Jerry’s hole. Jerry screamed out his pain as his hole was ravaged by the mammoth prick, but Lukas showed no signs of stopping; his hips almost seemed like they were on autopilot as they rocked back and forth with great speed. The other men hurled the most lewd, vulgar insults at Jerry and shouted encouragement at Lukas to fuck him like the bitch boy he was. The room reverberated with the yells of the men, Jerry’s screams of agony, and the loud smacks of flesh, and Jerry’s pain level was only shooting higher and higher. He wanted to die right now; if he was going to hell, it would sure be nothing compared to the torture he had gone through for the past couple of hours…

Ten minutes later, Franco, Chico, Ray, and Malik surrounded Jerry’s head. They were all jacking their cocks as Lukas finally began to feel the tingling in his genitalia that signaled that he would soon be letting loose his load. He shoved Jerry’s ankles up towards his head, leaned in, and pounded absolutely the HARDEST he could. Jerry’s head was flailing in his pain, and the other men seemed to be getting off on it; their faces were lighting up with orgasmic pleasure and they pumped their dicks harder. They began groaning as their dicks swelled up and pointed them directly at Jerry’s face. Moments later, they gave their loudest moans as, almost at the same time, all four of them ejaculated, covering Jerry’s face and filling his mouth with their boiling cum. The spectacle of the bitch boy getting a four-man bukkake sent Lukas over the edge and he pounded hard for a few more seconds, then gave an almighty roar as at long last, he busted a huge nut inside Jerry’s destroyed ass. Again he twisted Jerry’s nipples so that he clenched his butt around the big cock as it fucked him, making Lukas’s orgasm an awesome feeling as jet after jet filled his colon.

Finally, Lukas pulled himself out of Jerry’s asshole. He walked up next to his head and told him to clean his cock. Jerry, who was barely conscious, did so, licking up everything on Lukas’s cock, including (Jerry nearly fainted upon seeing it) his own rectal blood. Tears ran down his face as he knew he was truly broken and destroyed now. He doubted whether he would ever again be able to take a normal poop without feeling like he was shitting razors and knives.

Franco unlocked the cuffs that still held Jerry’s arms in placed, then shoved him off the table. He fell to the floor, weak, scarred, and humiliated. The five rapists stood around Jerry, looking down at their handiwork; Jerry’s face covered in semen, welts and bruises all over his body, and his gaping asshole oozing with cum and blood.

“I think the little puto boy’s learned a valuable lesson here,” said Chico in a hoarse voice.

“Hell yeah,” said Lukas. “I enjoyed myself today.” He knelt down beside Jerry and said in a low voice, “I should ask the warden if I can be your cell mate, just so I can tear your pretty ass up EVERY night.”

“Nah, I think he’s had enough,” said Ray. “Let’s just allow this to haunt him for the rest of his miserable life.”

Jerry barely moved, but one thing seemed to stick in his mind: the torture was finally over. But Ray was right; his knowledge that he had been put through all this would more than likely be in the back of his mind forever. And the physical damage that had been done, especially to his ass, would never leave him the same again.

Franco knelt down beside him too. “Nigga, you still bit my dick, puked all over me, AND spit piss on my feet. I should just beat the fuck outta you every day from here on out!”

Jerry looked into his face through his partially open eyes, and Franco spit on him again.

“Let’s get outta here,” he said. Lukas couldn’t help but rub his pit in Jerry’s face one last time, and Franco couldn’t resist a few more body punches. The men finally put their clothes on and exited the Temple of Torture, leaving Jerry quite alone with a bruised, broken body and spirit, and an ass full of bloody cum…

Hours later, as he lay in his cell after lights out, the impact of everything that had led to this despondent point in his life hit him out of nowhere. The robbery, the trial, the jail, the warden, the Temple of Torture, Lukas’s dick ripping his butt to shreds… it became entirely too much for him; he was destroyed physically, and scarred emotionally beyond repair…

The next morning, the guards opened the cell doors and told all prisoners to stand outside their cells. They noticed that Jerry did not appear, so one of them started walking to his cell, furiously demanding him to come out.

He reached Jerry’s cell and froze, a petrified expression on his face, and said in a low, terrified whisper “Sweet Mother of God!”

The desk that usually stood opposite the bed was directly in the middle of the cell, overturned. And just a few feet above that, dangling from a noose tied to a beam on the ceiling of the cell, was Jerry’s lifeless body…