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Seize the Day-2 Blackmail or Coercion?

2023-01-22 00:20:02

Seize the Day part 2

Weeks after our first encounter you come by for another visit. During dinner my wife asks if you want to stay the night and I look down at my plate suddenly feeling embarrassed and ashamed. You smile at her ignoring me and say, that would be nice. You said that way we could have a couple of drinks after dinner and not worry about driving home at night.

Later we are watching the game as my wife does the dishes. You keep looking over at me and with a snide look in your eyes, sip your drink and scratch your groin. Still feeling very ashamed I suddenly notice my groin is warmer. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. You follow.

Once down the hall out of earshot of my wife you ask me how I'm feeling tonight. You say you are feeling especially horny. I remain quiet and head in to the toilet closing the door. My dick is full but not stiff and my ass warm and tingly. When I come out you are standing there waiting for me. You look me in the face saying, “Come on, it was fun the last time. Feel how hard I am. Aren't you going to help me?” You grab my hand and rub it against your thickening dick.

I pull away and rush down the hall to the living room. My legs feel weak and rubbery. I should have stopped this, but I was caught up in the moment. You slowly return and sit with your drink eyeing me with that snide grin. Now I'm thinking how to calm you down and put an end to this before it gets out. I'm completely embarrassed about how to handle this with my wife in the next room.

As if you had heard my thoughts you look more seriously at me and frown. Quietly you start talking. “You don't want me to tell your wife what you like to do, do you? That you suck better than she does? That you like a big hard dick in your ass?” I started questioning myself. What am I going to do? I don't want to loose my wife and disrupt our life and home. Suddenly I jump to my feet and shout, “NO!”

From the kitchen my wife asks 'What honey?' I respond that it's just the game. Our team made a foul play. Then I look at you, a scowl on my face for emphasis. I'm now bright red. You stand up and rub your groin then head towards the kitchen saying, “Let's just see how she's doing in there.” I turn to stop you. “Don't. Please.”

“So, you can help me?” you say with a smile, “I know you like it. I'll do you good.” I just drop my head and slowly nod. Again you grab my hand and place it on your groin then you place your other hand on my ass crack and almost lift me off the ground pressing your fingers against my puckered hole. I can feel your big dick firm in my hand, your fingers wiggling against my hole.

You tell me to come to your room after 'she' falls asleep. Then you smile at me and return to your chair. You lift your glass, “Cheers.” She comes back in the living room after finishing the dishes and you have a fun time conversing with her, telling jokes and tales of our youth. You make sure that my wife gets good and drunk before we finish up for the evening and head off to bed.

Later we are all in bed, my wife fell asleep a little while ago and I'm wondering what to do. My mind is racing, my heart pounding and I hear a soft step near my door. I look through the darkness and see you standing there naked. You don't see me move so you come closer and kneel next to the bed rubbing your dick against the sheets. “Is she asleep?” you whisper. “Give me a little lick. I can't wait.” I don't move.

You reach over and pull my head towards your stiff member until it presses against my lips. I resist, but, salivate unconsciously. You lean down closer and whisper again, “Don't be this way. Open up. I know you want it.” Finally, after a little more of you rubbing your pre-cum all over my lips I open my mouth and lick it. Tasting the salty pungent juices I let the head enter my lips. You push in a little and quietly groan.

“That feels good. Take some more.” you say and pull my head closer pushing your dick in further. My ears are on high alert listening for my wife sleeping just feet away from me as I'm sucking my friends dick. You start pumping in and out holding my head in place. My own dick starting to twitch and grow. My ass itching.

Suddenly you shove your stiffening cock all the way to the back of my throat and I go into a coughing fit. You pull out and let go of me. My eyes shut tight as I cough and try to clear my throat. Next to me my wife wakes, “You OK honey?” She asks. I'm glad it's dark as I respond, “Just a little something in my throat. I'm OK. Go back to sleep baby.” I say and look for you.

You have slipped away and are standing by your bedroom door. You wag your dick in the air and signal me with your hand to come here. “I've got to get up for a few minutes to clear my throat, you go back to sleep.” I tell my wife and slip out of the covers and down the hall. In the kitchen I grab a glass, fill it full of water and stop to think about what I'm doing.

I'm shaking from the near exposure of our actions but somehow excited. You appear behind me and grab my ass poking your fingers between my cheeks. You whisper in my ear to get down on my knees and continue where we left off. I sigh and gulp some water from my glass before I set it down.

I get down on my knees and start again. Licking and sucking the head of your dick as you stare down at me with your snide grin. I rub it with my hand while I work it and to control its depth. I don't want to cough again. The more I suck the better it feels and soon I'm lost in the taste and feel of your cock in my mouth. I reach down and rub my crotch then my ass.

You grab my arm and lifting my hand to your mouth you wet two fingers telling me to put them in my asshole. I hesitate for a moment. You grab my head and push your dick to the back of my throat again and hold me there gagging slightly. “Do it.” you whisper demanding. I comply and quickly fall into a rhythm of finger fucking myself and sucking deeply on your hard dick.

“That's better, isn't it?” You say as you let go of my head and gently rock with my sucking. I continue slowly finger fucking myself, letting go of my inhibitions and getting into the moment. My ass is hot and I push back against my own hand, arching my back, leaning against your dick. My gag reflex has numbed and I'm working your cock against the back of my throat.

You grab my hair and pull me off your cock. “Let's go to the bedroom so we can finish this more comfortably.” You tell me to keep my fingers in my ass as we make our way to the guest room. You put your hand up my crack over mine as we walk and press my fingers in and wiggle them making me stumble as we walk.

I'm in a daze as we make it to the spare bed where you instruct me to remove my clothes and climb on the bed. “Get on all fours facing the edge of the bed” you say continuing to guide our episode, “so you can continue sucking.” I comply and pull my fingers from my ass to keep from slipping off the edge. However, once you push your cock back into my mouth I regain balance and eagerly put my fingers back in my waiting hole.

You like it like this and get in to feeding me your hot meat. Pushing a little further every few strokes until you press past the back of my mouth and into my throat. I feel the head of your hard dick popping in and out of my throat opening. This excites me even more and I start pumping my hand hard against my butt. Driving my fingers deeper and deeper.

Suddenly you grab my head again and drive your dick all the way in. My nose now buried in your pubic hair and your cock deep in my throat, I cough. You pull out and let me clear my throat. My wife stirs and says, “Are you still having trouble dear?” I am panicking and suddenly you shove your dick back in my mouth. Your hand holding on to my hair keeping me in place. My wife is waiting for me to answer and you know it.

You speak up, “He's fine. I was telling him a funny story that made him choke on something.” I'm unable to say anything as you hold me hard against you, your dick down my throat again. I can't breath and start to struggle. You reach back to my butt and hold my hand in place, two of my fingers still wedged deeply in my hole. I feel my face red and I get a cold chill over my body.

Moments pass. You start pumping your dick again, slowly at first waiting to see if my wife is going back to sleep. I'm finally catching my breath between strokes. I'm shaking with fear of being caught. You just keep pumping and I can imagine the sneer look on your face. You're enjoying this. I let you catch me off guard before and now I'm trapped knowing you could expose my desires. All while you willingly take advantage of them.

Quiet returns except for my breathing around your cock and the occasional sloppy sounds from my mouth and ass. You continue working your dick as far in as it can go while you force my fingers in and out of my loosening hole. My anxieties start to fade again as the fucking drives me into a daze once more. I willingly swallow your cock and push back against my fingers and your grip.

Soon you let go of my hand and head and I willingly continue impaling my throat on your stiff member. Sucking and massaging the entire length in and out while fingering myself. You groan lightly and I can taste a salty flavor working its way up in to my mouth. My eyes role to the back of my head. You quietly say, “That's good, but now I want to fuck that tight butt of yours.”

I feel a shiver as I imagine the big cock in my mouth being pushed between my butt cheeks. I remember the first time. The feeling of you pushing and pushing, pumping your cum into my ass. I get weak and rubbery all over still sucking deeply on your member. The taste of it, the smoothness, the salty essence fading.

You pull out and stand there for a minute wondering how to fuck my ass this time. My fingers still fucking in and out of my ass. My face slack and breathing heavy, with each push of my fingers I groan a little. You get the idea that suits you best and move to the bed and lay down.

You lay on your back with your dick rising over your belly still stiff from my sucking. “Come over her and sit on my cock. I want you to ride my cock. I want you to show me how much you enjoy being fucked in the ass. That way there won't be any question from here on out.” I slip my fingers out and turn to suck your cock and slobber it up before we start.

I climb up, straddle your waist and rub my crack against your wet dick. You get that devilish look on your face again and put your hands behind your head. I lift your cock with one hand and line it up with my wet hole. I arch my back and push back forcing the head past the sphincter. I let out a small gasp and pull off. I try again and push back and feel you push your hips up as the head enters again.

After a couple tries I can feel it going in easier and I push down with another groan. You start slowly pumping while I hold still getting used to your size and depth. Before long I'm rising and falling on my own and you stop moving. I'm letting your hard dick slide deeper and deeper until I'm sitting against you on the down strokes.

You reach down and grab my hips pushing your dick as deep as you can. I groan and wiggle my ass, squeezing and rolling your hard cock around inside me. You let go and I start riding up and down quicker. Pounding against your pelvis while you lay there enjoying my efforts.

“That's better now isn't it?” you say as my pain turns to excitement and pleasure. I barely grunt out a sound as I start working your dick with twists and shifts of my hips. Bending and shifting your dick between my cheeks as it slides in and out. Driving me to waves of erotic pleasure.

“Tell me you like it.” you demand, a certain tone in your voice. “I like it.” I respond. “You like what?” you insist. “I like your dick in there.” “In where?” You aren't letting it go. “Oh!” I respond as you thrust up against me. “I like being fucked in the ass by your dick.”

“That's better.” you say satisfactorily. “And you like sucking it too, don't you? Tell me you do.” You want me to acknowledge my dark desires with my wife asleep in the next room. “Yes. I like sucking your dick. Ooh.” I'm pumping wilder with my revelations. Releasing myself from holding back I really start pounding your cock.

“We're going to have fun together from now on aren't we?” “Yes” I grunt. “No hesitation next time. Or your wife is going to hear all about your perverted desires to suck and get fucked by dicks.” “No.” I answer. “I'm going to be your personal dick to fulfill those nasty desires.” “Yes.” “Say please.” “Yes please.” “Yes please what?” “Please be my fuck buddy. Whatever you want, just don't tell my wife. I beg you.”

“That's better.” You smile with that evil sneer. You grab my hips and thrust deep into my ass and start cumming. “Ooh, Yes!” I gasp a little too loud. My wife stirs, “Is that you honey? Where are you?” You keep grinding and cumming in my ass. “Tell her.” you whisper. “I'm still in here. We're just finishing up.” You look at me and smile whispering, “Nice.”

You take the chance and say, “I'm going to need your husband for a job this weekend that requires his special talents. I hope you don't mind. He can spend the night there. If that's alright with you?” Again you get that evil smile. I'm still feeling your cock spasms while you finish dumping your load. I squeeze and milk your dick with my ass.

“Sure.” my wife responds after a moment. “Just don't wear him out to much. You know how carried away he can get.” I'm thinking what have I gotten myself into, while my body's enjoying the sensations of your dick cumming in my ass. “Yes.” you reply, “Yes I do!" Seize the Day.