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Costume Party Prank

2023-01-24 00:09:33

Costume Party Prank

Tami, a highly motivated woman sits in her harness waiting for someone to answer the door. “Pacifier! Where's my pacifier?” she orders true to form. Jim, playing her daddy calmly fumbles around in his pocket to find the pacifier. “Oh, hey. It comes with a flavor packet.”

Tami is not impressed, “Just hurry up. Someone's coming.”

Jim doses the pacifier with jell, “Open up.” She opens her mouth and he quickly pops it in, filling her mouth. He holds it in firmly just as the door opens. Tami's eyes go wide.

Let the show begin.

Wait, I should probably start at the beginning. Locklear is a small factory town of 15 thousand or so. City life flows through the factory and just about everyone that lives in the town eventually works for the factory. One such person is Tami.

Tami is of Asian decent. For whatever reason she was raised alone by her father. He did his best to raise her tough and strong as she only grew to barely 4' 6” tall and weighs about 70 pounds, wet. He wanted her to be strong enough to survive in this modern world. She's bright, highly motivated and disciplined. Something that has landed her a management position lording over some two dozen employees.

Some of her minions say she's a narcissistic bitch, sleeping her way to upper management. She's also a bit of an exhibitionist. Flirting and alluring she plays men like pawns. Women don't get in her way because of her sharp tongue and influence on upper management. She was often heard shutting someone down by saying, “Baby needs to be changed” and pinching her nose. She even controls her relationships never letting men get to her, except at arms length or under her terms.

She's dated a few of the men she now manages. Each of them have the same story; all she wants is what makes her happy. You can “Kiss my Kitten” she says, but try anything else and watch out for the claws. This has put some of her co-workers at odds with her expectations. Her tendency to cajole then berate others was tiresome. So much so that a plan was hatched.

Every year she supports a Company Costume Party for her minions. Names are drawn from a hat to *********** host, theme, partners, etc.. Tami always shows off her superiority of costume, her body and her discipline. People at the party are often there just for the food and drink, then they quickly make excuses to leave early. This year would be different. Very different.

About six months ago, Big Jim returned from the Marines. Jim was a sports hero in town and played all the sports; football, baseball, basketball. He had left town to see the world. He joined the Navy and because of his size and strength he was quickly moved to the Marines, specifically special ops. After all being 6' 6” and 250 pounds of pure muscle with quick reflexes and a cool continence, he was a huge asset. And I mean huge.

He got a job at the factory and quickly made friends with everyone including Tami. No one knew exactly why, but they had their guesses. Now it was time for the big costume party. Rumors were flying and plans were taking shape. After some planning and scheming, it was settled. When names were drawn for partners, Tami would be matched with Big Jim.

The theme was going to be “Children's Stories” and everyone had their roles to play. By the time the day came, Tami had been convinced, or decided to play by coercion, a baby. After all everyone else will be dressed as story characters and she will be the only one to be doted on. The center of the storytelling world. Big Jim would be the daddy and carry her around on his chest in a large baby harness designed just for that purpose.

Now, Let the show begin.

The door opened and there stood The Mad Hatter. A broad wild smile on his face. Tami stuck out her arms and legs in the universal baby language, 'pick me up.' The Mad Hatter acted surprised, “What a wonderful costume. You look perfect.” He stepped aside and let Jim squeeze Tami and himself through the door.

Tami had meticulously planned out everything. Especially Big Jim's costume. She wanted to show him off. Her big strong daddy should be well dressed, handsome and smooth. Underneath the large baby carrier strapped to his chest, Big Jim looked casual in beach shoes, no socks. A pair of baggies down to his knees, surfer shirt and dark sunglasses. His hair was slicked back and he posed for the crowd. Just as Tami had planned. Perfect. She would be the star of the party. In more ways than one.

The baby carrier was a harness converted from something military Jim had used on missions. Very adjustable but hard to ride in. Things seemed a blur for Tami with all the shaking around. But Tami was thinking how tasty the pacifier was. Her mouth sucked down on the strange feeling pacifier that filled her mouth from lips to throat. Her mouth tingled and puckered around the big pacifier. It was very satifying. As they moved towards the others gathered for the party she felt tingly and warm. She relaxed into the movement of the harness and smiled. This was going to be a great day. More than she ever imagined.

When they reached the main throng of partiers a cheer erupted. On cue Big Jim acting as the good Daddy lifted 'The Baby' out of the harness and set her on the floor. Tami's costume included a onesie, fuzzy slippers and a bonnet. She acted her part wobbling on weak baby legs. She stumbled around like an infant and goo-gooed around her pacifier. Everyone assured her it was the perfect costume.

They all smiled and looked at each other pleased that the prank was going so well. Seeing their 'pain in the ass' boss dressed up like the baby was the best surprise they could have expected. Although, some knew the party was just getting started and did their best to keep her entertained until the real plan unfolded. They cooed to her and patted her diaper covered bottom as she visited each of her minions looking for attention and gratification.

Big Jim's run in the Spec Ops had given him some special talents in coercion, interrogation and crude truth serums. He had assured his coworkers that he could create an effective serum just for this special occasion. Something that would lower her inhibitions, reduce her aggression and create a brain fog. Playing daddy he would have the perfect opportunity to ensure proper dosage by coating her pacifier. He made it tasty with a little kick to ensure ingestion.

Soon it lost its flavor and she became bored with it. So she popped the pacifier out of her mouth. Jim the ever present Dad grabbed it and hid it while Tami continued her cavorting. She played with people's costumes and crawled around on the floor. In just a few minutes, looking for water and feeling a bit warm, she was ready to show off the next stage of her costume. She waddled to Daddy and made the universal baby sign again, 'Up!'

“I think baby needs to be changed.” he said, picking her up and putting her deftly back into the harness. Others in the room smiled and held their noses mimicking the way she treated them. She didn't notice as she was still bent on showing off her costume. He headed towards the bathroom as she had previously instructed him. She was stern and coarse again, “Hurry up. Lift me out. I need to go.” Daddy opened the bathroom door and easily lifter her out of the harness and back to her feet.

She shut the door and stripped out of her onesie, bonnet and slippers as planned. Took an unexpected dump and was surprised by it being out of schedule. Usually her bowel movements were regular as clockwork. Still it felt fine. Kind of nice to feel the movement she thought. Then, looking at her stage two costume in the mirror she grinned, nodded at herself and headed out the door. Her self confidence and exhibitionism drove her on. She wasn't aware of her inhibitions slowly melting away. Tami only felt a warm tingly feeling that insured her that everything was perfect.

Daddy picked her up and placed her back into the harness. Then Daddy coated the pacifier and placed it against her lips, “Open wide.” Without thinking about it, baby complied and the tasty pacifier slipped right to the back of her mouth. It tasted so tart and filled her mouth. Baby instantly sucked down on it and worked it around her mouth as they returned to the party. It gave her a small boost of energy and her eyes brightened. Her mind began to melt away and she smiled as the brightly colored costumes cam into view.

Baby looked around the room at the others and just melted a little more into the harness. The pacifier tasted so good. Felt so good. Daddy rocked her a little and she closed her eyes and sucked gently. She felt confident and relaxed resting there for a bit. A moment later she opened her eyes and saw The Three Blind Mice. Each one smiling broadly. She reached out her arms. Time for her next performance. The Mice were looking forward to it.

Daddy lifted her out of the harness exposing her diapered bottom, crop top tee covered with a bib and copious tanned skin. She pranced around the Blind Mice and rubbed her diapered bottom on their legs. She posed and giggled then ran away. Baby stopped between daddy and the mice breathing hard and sucking on the pacifier. Then acting like a baby she pulled down her diaper and started running around. The Mice acted surprised and cheered. This wasn't the first time she pulled that trick.

Under her bib, crop top tee and diaper she was hiding a shiny Gold bikini top and thong bottom. So she could confidently strip off her diaper and surprise people. Now it looked like a naked baby bottom running around escaping the bonds of her diaper. She smiled and giggled as the Blind Mice pretended to try and catch her but purposefully letting her slip by. They teased her cheeks and swatted at her as she ran, eventually getting caught by daddy. Big Jim takes the moment to refresh her pacifier.

Her eyes brightened again and she runs off bumping into everything and everyone. Just like a real baby. Baby was slowly losing her coordination and focus as the pacifier flavoring did it's magic. In front of the Blind Mice she pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and waved it around. The Three Blind Mice laughed and laughed. Tami was holding a dildo pacifier. She didn't notice. She popped it back in her mouth and sucked on it showing them how good it tasted and felt. The Blind Mice watched intently watching their plans unfold.

Again she was tingling and warm. Baby felt good, relaxed, happy. Jim played the doting daddy, he grabbed her diaper and made her put it back on. Scolded her for taking it off and swatting her on the bottom. She bent over taking the full brunt of his hand. He lifted her back into the harness and quickly dosed the pacifier again and returned it to her mouth working it in and out a couple times. Then Jim tried to pull it gently away. Baby wanted her pacifier, wanted it bad and sucked hard on it to keep it deep in her mouth. Daddy smiled, “Good Baby.”

“Baby needs to be Changed.” he said and headed towards the bathroom for the second time. Tami had another dump in the toilet. She didn't care. Baby raised her arms for Daddy to pick her up. Jim set her on the sink and took a piss while she watched. Tami focused on his big limp penis. Part of her was thinking, so what. Another part of her was wondering something. She pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and held it up comparing it's shape with Jim's penis. She squinted and stared then things got blurry. She closed her eyes and placed the pacifier back in her mouth and sucked on it. It was comforting and the shape filled her mouth perfectly. Suddenly she felt physically excited.

When Jim finished pissing and returned to pick her up she mumbled around the pacifier, “Kiss my Kitty.” Jim smiled and placed his big hand between her legs. She leaned back. He slipped her diaper off and pulled the curtain from her pussy, sliding the Gold thong to one side exposing her cleaned, shaved gash. Jim rubbed a finger down her crease. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her nipple then forced him between her legs. He went to work. Nibbling and sliding his tongue through her slick gateway.

Her pussy was hot and wet. A little side effect of the flavor packet. It didn't take long for Jim's big tongue to get a response from her hormones. Her body shivered and she closed her eyes, sucking happily on her pacifier. After a few moments she felt him lift her up and place her back into the harness. She didn't notice her wet pussy was still exposed and that Jim's cock was now laying in the diaper at the bottom of the harness. They were ready for the next step in the plan. Jim stopped in front of the mirror so Tami could look over her costume. She looked at herself in the mirror but didn't know what it meant. All she could do was grin.

They rejoined the thinning crowd and as Daddy walked, Baby's wet, swollen pussy began sliding back and forth on Daddy's hot growing meat. He showed her to the folks in the kitchen and then the dinning room, rocking her as they went. Baby was beginning to feel something tingle. Out in the back yard the Three Blind Mice where waiting for their next staged scene. Jim nodded to them and rocked baby. They watched baby squirming in the harness as her pussy continued rubbing on Daddy's growing cock. Baby didn't recognize what was happening. Her pussy lips were swollen and red. It felt so good. She was sucking furiously on her little dildo pacifier.

The Blind Mice were enjoying the show. They watched as her face changed expressions. The more she squirmed the wider her eyes got. One of the Blind Mice had a toy ball, “Catch baby. Catch.” As he tossed it she tried to reach out for it. Missed. Next, one of the others tossed it, “Catch.” Daddy rocked forward and then back to help her catch the ball. What he was really doing was letting nature take its course as the head of his cock started searching for the opening to her treasure chamber. Other partiers dribbled out into the backyard to watch the show.

“Catch.” and the ball flew through the air towards daddy and baby. Daddy swung baby in the harness. Baby fumbled for the ball while floated in the harness from the momentum. Her weight fell back into the harness and met the tip of Jim's hardening cock. This time the head popped between her tight pussy lips. “Mmmmm!” she said with a grunt, still sucking on the dildo pacifier. Daddy's cock was stuck, her lips clamping down on the head. She jerked and wiggled. “Catch.” came the call from one of the Mice. She barely saw the ball but that wasn't what she was focused on. When Daddy swung baby in her harness again to catch the ball his cock head pushed into her tight opening. “MMMmm!”

Baby grabbed the straps of her harness and bared down still sucking furiously on the dildo pacifier. Everything felt good. She wiggled as Daddy's cock stretched her opening. She was twisting and wiggling. The Three Blind Mice cheered and she grunted again. One of them spoke up, “That's what my little nephew looks like when he dumps in his diaper.” Daddy leaned forward slightly and then lifted her legs to the sides of his hips forcing her hips to arch. Her pussy lined up with his cock and the head slid deeper. “Good Baby.” he said.

Baby grunted again and shook. The Mice cheered. Daddy bounced baby a couple times. His cock now slick with her juices working in and out in short strokes with every bounce. Baby was excited to say the least. Her eyes were watching. Her body was feeling. But her mind was blank like a baby's mind. Not knowing what was going on. Just knowing it felt good. Baby wanted more. Suddenly she shuttered through an orgasm. The Mice pointed and laughed. Daddy smiled.

“Baby needs to be Changed.” Jim said and walked her the long way to the bathroom, making sure everyone interested got to see Baby enjoying the party. The prank now verging on vengeance. He presented her to the Mad Hatter, Alice, and the Good and Wicked Witches on their way. The Mad Hatter said something to Alice and the Witches gossiped. Dorothy and the Scarecrow watched intently. Baby was jerking each time Daddy's cock moved. Each step caused little quakes until they reached the bathroom and Daddy lifted her from the harness and again set her on the sink.

He stripped her naked. Then put the cropped top back on over her pointing nipples. She didn't care. Daddy pulled the pacifier from her mouth and dosed it again. He showed it to her and she opened her mouth. Then he opened the costume to expose his glistening hard cock. She just stared at it. Daddy put the dildo pacifier back into her mouth and she sucked it in. Her eyes still on his cock. She knew it was what she wanted but didn't understand why. “Is baby ready?”

He lifter her up with one hand under her bottom and the other under her arm. As he lowered her back into the harness he lined up her pussy with his hard cock and slid her on. His cock squeezed into her still tight pussy. So tight her body couldn't take much of his ridged pole. She sucked hard on the dildo pacifier and quivered as she hung there. She was now more than halfway down his long shaft. Her pussy was being stretched wider and deeper. He turned to head for the door and stopped to let her look in the mirror. Baby's eyes were closed and she was limp as she blindly sucked on the pacifier.

Back out in the party every move sent shock waves through baby's body. Her eye's opened to wide circles but no one was home as she wiggled. Everything felt warm and fuzzy. As Daddy walked around and his cock stimulated Baby's pussy she would have little orgasms until one big one caused her to moan and jerk. Her eyes closed again as her body went limp. The thinning crowd became more and more intent on watching the baby's show.

A small circle had formed and Daddy stood to one end and gently bounced baby in her harness until she built up a huge orgasm. His hard cock, hidden from sight, was trashing Tami's pussy. As she built up her eyes opened and she stiffened slightly until she began bouncing up and down on her own. Daddy stood firm. He knew how to hold his orgasm. Big Jim just grinned and everyone watched as Tami humped his big cock until she exploded. For the first time the dildo pacifier dropped from her mouth.

The crowd clapped and cheered. Baby shook for a while until she wore herself out. When she came around she started searching for her pacifier. One of the Blind Mice pulled out a regular dildo with balls and a suction cup and handed it to her. She just grabbed it and stuck it into her mouth and closed her eyes, sucking.

“Baby needs a nap.” Daddy lifted baby up exposing her naked, used pussy to everyone. The lips were bright red and dripping. Her clit pointing through her crease like a small dick. Daddy turned her around so she could lay on his strong chest to nap. Everyone watched as he slid her back into the harness and deeper on his cock. Baby just moaned quietly and sucked on her new pacifier.

Big Jim rocked her back and forth slowly fucking her pussy while everyone watched. He lifter her legs by her knees and weaved both hands to rest on her bottom and bounced her gently like a good Daddy. Her weak ravaged body and stretched pussy slid further down the length of his cock. Her pussy now touching his pubic hair on every bounce. Each one accompanied by a mild grunt. Over and over his cock pumped her as she hung there, eyes closed, sucking on the dildo. The others were getting very eager to get their revenge.

A couple minutes later baby shot to another huge orgasm. Everyone cheered. “Baby needs to be Changed.” Jim disappeared to the bathroom as usual. This time he pulled the dildo from her mouth and offered her his cock. Baby welcomed it into her mouth and sucked. “Good Baby.” His cock went in deeper as she eagerly worked it in and out, sucking and squeezing. He pulled it out of her mouth and lifted her up. He slid her back into the harness, onto the head of his cock and worked the dildo into her waiting asshole, “Everyone wants to see you. Let's go see them.” Her body slid down in the harness and further down his shaft. She groaned as the dildo pushed it's way into her dark recesses. He stopped in front of the mirror as usual. Baby saw the look on her face. She was relaxed with a placid appearance. It meant nothing to her now.

Baby felt new sensations when the shafts that filled her holes moved and shifted whenever Daddy walked. Her body was jerking and wiggling as he walked passed the guests. As the two cocks settled in her mouth wondered where her pacifier went. The few people remaining eagerly watched as Daddy returned with baby. He bounced her up and down to pacify her and baby groaned and drooled. Then he pulled up her shirt exposing her firm breasts and hardened nipples. Bouncing again he showed them shaking up and down to everyone as he displayed her. The rest of her body was limp except for the occasional tremor. Two shafts filling two holes. Only one remains.

The Three Blind Mice were laughing. The White Rabbit was in the corner jacking off. Dorothy was give the Scarecrow head, something he wanted more than anything. The Mad Hatter was fucking Alice bent over in her Sunday dress. The Wicked Witch of the West was rubbing herself with an evil grin. The Good Witch was waving her wand, clicking her heels together and chanting, “There's no thing like bone. There's no thing like bone. There's no thing like bone.” Baby just kept bouncing in her harness. The two cocks jerking inside her made her mouth dry. Then she saw her pacifier and reached out for it. The Three Blind Mice moved closer, their cocks exposed. One for each hand and one for baby's mouth.

Baby grabbed them, opened her mouth for the third one and happily sucked it in. Daddy bounced his hard cock for baby and the dildo ground into her asshole. The room was filled with sounds of sex. Daddy loosened the straps allowing Baby to lay forward. Now when Daddy pushed his cock between her pussy lips, another cock pushed between her other lips. Daddy bounced baby until she was lost in sensations and could suck no more.

Big Jim pulled her back up and with a bounce in his step, walked her into the kitchen. Baby was delirious. Her body constantly washed by waves of ecstasy. Her ass and pussy constantly twitching around the shafts. The two cocks wiggling and slipping. She opened her eyes to see the Wicked Witch of the West laying on the dining table.

Daddy pushed baby's legs together and put them between his own. He leaned up against the table with Baby in the middle. Her hips hooked on the table's edge. Baby felt the hard table holding her in place. She felt the urgency of the two cocks pressing in. She wiggled and squirmed to get more. Her eyes went wide. The cocks were so deep. She felt herself being forced forward onto the table. The two cock tips were sinking deeper.

As she bent forward she saw the Wicked Witch of the West's pussy. The Wicked Witch still laying on the table had her dress pulled up and legs spread. With one finger she was signaling, 'Come here.' Baby felt the push from behind again. Harder. Deeper. She fell forward and dove right in. Baby licked and sucked as Daddy ground the cocks in over and over until she and the Wicked Witch were spent.

The Good Witch stepped through the fog and waved her wand, “Baby's had a long day. Time to put her down for the night.” Big Jim tightened up the straps pulling Baby upright. Her mouth dripping as she groaned. The Good Witch wiped Baby's mouth and chin. Baby's head lolled back and forth as they walked her to the bedroom. The room was dark and warm as Daddy lifted baby off his cock and out of the harness. The dildo popped out of her gaping ass and fell into the wet diaper at the bottom of the harness.

As he laid Baby on the bed the Good Witch said, “We have mice. I hope they don't bother you through the night.” Baby wasn't sure what she meant. Not that it mattered. The only mice she had seen were the Three Blind Mice. The Good Witch guided Daddy out of the room and turned off the light. It was dark and Tami laid there wondering why it felt like something was missing. She heard some rustling on the floor and searched the darkness for the cause. Suddenly a night light clicked on. Standing there in a dark corner were the Three Blind Mice, naked from the waist down. Their cocks sticking straight out. One for each hole.

Baby reaches out her arms giving the universal sign, 'Pick me up.' Revenge is a dish best served hard.