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Emailing the teacher

2022-08-13 00:00:03

15-yr. old boy is infatuated with his female teacher, who is age 47, 5’7”, 46B-36-40, married, 138 lbs., brunette. She is not aware of this until she receives an e-mail from him:
B: “Dear Mrs. C: I know I shouldn’t do this, but I worship you. You are in my thoughts day and night. I can’t get you out of my mind. Your figure is perfect, and your face is beautiful. Signed, your adoring admirer. Jacob Jones.”
T: (receives the e-mail, is astounded, but also flattered at the unsolicited admiration. Decides that she will risk sending him a reply, assuming that no one else will see the e-mail exchange) Dear Jacob: I am pleased and flattered to receive your e-mail. It’s nice at age 47 to receive ‘fan mail’. . . especially from such a handsome young man. Thank you for being so nice. I enjoy having you as a student, and will see you around the school. Sincerely, Mrs. C.”
B: (is pleased to receive a reply, and continues to occupy his mind with the attractive teacher. A few days later, he sends another message:) Dear Mrs. C: Thank you for replying to my e-mail. I don’t want to bother you or anything like that. I just want you to know of my deep admiration for you. Do you have a picture that you could send me? I would treasure it and not share it with anyone.”
T: (is flattered again by the message from her ardent suitor, and is surprised by the request of a picture. She thinks it over, and decides to upload a picture of her in shorts and a halter top)”Dear Jacob: I appreciate your sentiments, and have uploaded a picture of me, taken last summer when I was on vacation. I hope it’s not too daring. Please keep it to yourself. Your teacher, Jackie C.”
B: (is encouraged that she used her first name this time, symbolizing a growing intimacy; writes the following e-mail) Dear Mrs. C (Jackie)”Thank you so much for your beautiful picture. I’ll treasure it always. It proves how beautiful your figure is even more than your regular school clothes. I’m a little embarrassed, but could you tell me what your measurements, your height and weight are? Mine are 5’11”, 165. My chest is 32, waist 28, hips 30. If I’m out of line in asking for this, please forgive me. Jacob.”
T: (is aroused at the turn of events, but believes that the young man is trustworthy and can keep confidences. She writes this reply) “Dear Jacob: Thank you for sending me your statistics. I’m flattered that you like my figure. My height is 5’7”, weight 138, bust 46B, waist 36, hips 40. I must tell you, it is exciting to have a young male admirer. I’m going to upload another picture for you to keep close to your heart. It is of me in my swimsuit last summer, on vacation. Please keep it to yourself. I hope you like it. Your teacher, Jackie.”
B: (is very excited to receive a swimsuit picture of his lovely teacher. She is wearing a two-piece suit which reveals moderate cleavage, average size suit bottom and shapely legs.) Dear Mrs. C: “Your swimsuit picture is wonderful! Thank you! You could appear in Sports Illustrated or even Playboy magazine! I am very fortunate that you have sent me such beautiful pictures. I wanted to ask you something. My grandmother lives near you, and I spend every Friday night with her. I can see your house from hers. This is asking a lot, but could you leave your bedroom blinds open when you get ready for bed on Friday night? My grandmother goes to bed right after the 10 o’clock news. With love, Jacob.”
T: (is amazed at the latest development, and thinks over J’s request. The houses are two of only about four in a fairly wooded area, so it is likely that her bedroom window would not be seen by other neighbors, even if she left the shades open. So she responds:) Dear, dear Jacob: You have the most interesting ideas! You want me to leave my blinds up so you can see me undress? That’s pretty brave of you to ask! It takes courage for a 15-year old young man to ask his 47-year old teacher if he can watch her remove her clothes! Actually, Jacob, that’s the most exciting request I have received in years! If you promise that you are the only one watching, I’ll do it! And I’ll plan to start getting ready for bed about 10:30 Friday night! Love, Jackie.”
B: (J. can hardly wait for Friday night to arrive. He goes to his grandmother’s house as usual, they visit and watch TV all evening, and, predictably, after the news, she retires for the night. He goes to his room, changes into his pajamas, and gets out his binoculars. At precisely 10:30, he sees light go on it Mrs. C’ bedroom. Jacob has a perfect view.)
T: (Mrs. C turns on her bedroom light, and enters. She intentionally acts like nothing is out of the ordinary, and goes through her normal routine. She unbuttons dress, hangs it up, leaving her in full slip. Then she removes slip, leaving her in bra, panties, pull-up stockings and heels. She then enters bathroom, which also has an open window, and removes makeup. Then she turns on shower. She turns, with back to window, unclasps bra strap, lifting bra off her chest, and hangs it up on nearby book. Then she turns around so that J. can see her naked 46B boobs, jiggling gently. Then her thumbs inside her panties, pulls them off her hips and down her legs, dropping them on the floor, revealing her hairy bush. She then sits on commode and removes her pull-up stockings, and is buck naked. She deliberately spreads her legs wide, revealing her open pussy lips and pink interior. Then she fondles her boobs, shaking them up and down. Jacob is going out of his mind. Then Mrs. C. goes into shower, draws curtain, and is out of sight for about 7 or 8 minutes. Then curtain opens, and she is seen toweling her naked body off for about 5 minutes. She does it very deliberately, keeping her legs spread as much as possible, and rubbing the towel on her large knockers and between her legs. Then she puts on short teddy and turns off light; Jacob sleeps very happy that night. Next day, sends her this e-mail)
B: Dear Jackie: You are fantastic! I got so excited watching you take off your clothes and take a shower! You are even more beautiful naked than I thought! All my love, Jacob.”
T: (receives his grateful e-mail, and responds) Dear Jacob: I’m so glad you enjoyed my “show” on Friday night. I can do that again if you like. In the meantime, I think it would be nice if we could meet for a very private picnic some Saturday afternoon in the woods near your grandmother’s house, if you are willing, and wouldn‘t tell anyone. I would prepare the food, and you could bring the drinks. Let me know what you think. Love, your naked lady friend, Jackie”.
B: (is excited beyond belief at the invitation to meet her privately, as well as her sensual language, and responds) Dearest Jackie: I would be honored to meet you for a private picnic. I’ll be glad to bring the drinks. Please name the time and the place -- this Saturday if possible!
T: (she indicates a landmark where they can meet discreetly, and then proceed to a very secluded spot where they won’t be discovered, and gives him a time. On Saturday, she dresses in no bra or panties, sneakers, and a flowing summer skirt and “peasant” blouse, which reveals about 1/3 of her cleavage, prepares a picnic lunch, brings a blanket, and proceeds to the appointed spot. It is a warm spring day)
B: (picks up a six-pack of soft drinks, heads for the designated spot, meets Jackie) Hello, Jackie! I am so excited to meet you today for a picnic!
T: I am, too, sweetheart! (they embrace affectionately for about 2 minutes, then proceed to the spot she has already selected earlier) Here we are young lover! Are you hungry? (smiles)
B: Well, Jackie! I’m hungry to be with you! But I think I can eat something!
(they enjoy a nice lunch, and finish up; Jackie snuggles up to J., and says)
T: Jacob, honey, could you put your arms around me? I need to be held, sweetheart! (he sits behind her, gazing over her shoulders into her considerable cleavage with his arms around her tightly) Ohhh . . . yesss. . . that feels greatttt!!! (they sit that way for about 10 minutes, and then she raises her mouth to his and they kiss affectionately and passionately for 3 or 4 minutes) Ummmmm . . .. . you are a good kisser, Jacob! Ummmmmmm. . ... (she inserts her tongue into his mouth, and the passion heats up)
B: Ummmmmm . . . . . ummmm . . ..
T: Jacob, would you slide my blouse down over my breasts? (smiles)
B: (can’t believe his ears) Uhhh . . . down? You mean off?. . . Uh. . . . Okay, Jackie! (he pulls blouse down, revealing her naked 46B breasts) Wowww . . . Jackie!! Those are beautiful breasts!!! The 47-year-old teacher is now bare-chested)
T: Thank you, kind sir! Would you like to feel of them? (puts his hands on them) Ummmmm . . . . oh, yes, feel my boobies!!! Ummmm .. .
B: (is out of his mind, feeling his teacher’s boobs) Jackie, this is the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had! Here I am, feeling my beautiful teacher’s fantastic breasts!
T: Ummm . . . . and it feels great, young lover! Did you notice my nipples are getting hard? I want to teach you about making love to a woman, Jacob! And this is the first lesson! Are you enjoying it? (smiles)
B: Am I ever! This is amazing! (feels and kneads her boobs)
T: Now . . . Why don’t you lick and suck my nipples?
B: Sure! (leans down, begins to lick around the aureola, then the nipples) Ummm . .. . ummmm . . .
T: Ohhhhhhh .. . . . that is heaven, Jacob!!! Oh, yesssssssss!!! Ummmmm . . . . . I’m going to unzip your fly, honey, and take out your penis, okay? (smiles)
B: Uhh . .. sure, Jackie!!! (continues to suck and lick breasts vigorously)
T: (unzips fly, reaches in, extracts hard cock, pulls it out) Ummmm .. . what a nice cock you have, young man!! (she begins gently to pump up and down)
B: Ohhhhh . . . that feels really good, Jackie!!! I didn’t know you would do this!!!!
T: Sure, sweetheart! I’m going to jack you off right here on our picnic! (pumps more vigorously)
B: Uhh . . .uhhh . . . Oh. . . . this is incredible!!! My teacher is jacking me off!! Uhhh . . . uhhh . . . that feels fantastic, Jackie!!!
T: (continues to pump as he licks and sucks her nipples) I love handling your hard cock, baby!!!
B: Uhhh . . . I’m going to commmmmmme, Jackie!!!
T: That’s fine, honey! Just let me know before you spurt, and I’ll swallow your come!
B: I’m going to commmmmme, baby!!! Uhh .. .uhhh . . .
T: Give it to me, young stud! (she leans down and envelopes his hard cock with her mouth, ready to receive his spurting semen)
B: Uhhh. . . uhhh . . (he shakes and quivers as he comes to orgasm) Uhhh .. . ohhhh . . . wowwww!!
T: (keeps her mouth on his thrusting cock, swallowing its product hungrily) Ummph!! umph!!
B: (soon he is spent, and lies back quietly, her mouth still on his declining member; then she takes it off; he sighs, happily that his lovely teacher has jacked him off and swallowed his male fluid)
T: Wow, honey! You had a lot of come! (grinning at him, with her 46B jugs jiggling over him) Was that good for you?
B: Oh, wowww, Jackie! That was fantastic!!! Don’t we need to give you an orgasm?
T:Well. . . . . we might do that! Tell you what! (She pulls up her skirt, revealing her naked, hairy bush) Put your hand there and feel of my pussy, honey! (guides his hands to her bare pussy) There! Feel that hairy bush?
B: Yessss . . . oh, wowww!!! It’s your wonderful pussy, Jackie!! It’s so soft!!!
T: Ummm . . . your hand feels great on it, honey! Just feel around and squeeze it, and explore whatever feels good to you! (spreads her legs wide) Ummm .. . yesss. . . that’s it!!! Ummmm...
B: Wow, Jackie, this is exciting -- rubbing your pussy! (he is also feeling one of her boobs)
T: Yess, honey . . . . rub your finger up and down my crack, okay? Yess . . . that’s it! (her pussy lips open, and his finger slips inside) Uhhh . . wowww . . . you’re inside my pussy, now!!! Ummmm . . .. you’re finger-fucking me, Jacob! Isn’t this great? Ummmmm!!!! Stick it in deeper! Oh. . . wowwwww!!! uhhh . . . I’m getting so hottttt!!!! Uhhhh . . . .!!!!!
B: (now has two fingers in her pussy, goes deeper and pumps faster)
T: Ohhh . . . ohhhh . . . Jacob, I’m going to commmmmmme!!!!! Uhhh . . . Uhhh . . . Ummmmm!!!!
B: (his two fingers pumping in and out)
T: (is humping and thrusting as her orgasm arrives) Uhhh . . . ohh yesss . . . uhhhhh .. . . ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(she bounces around, with his fingers still in her) ohhhhh . . . yesss . . . oooohhhh!!!!!!. . (she climaxes, shrieking and hollering,then subsides slowly, as he extracts his fingers) Ohhhh. . . . . wowwww .. . you have magic fingers, young man!!! Wowwww!!! What an orgasm!!!
B: Was it as good as the one you gave me, Jackie? (smiles; squeezes her boob)
T: I don’t know, honey!! But we’ve had a fantastic orgy out here this afternoon, haven’t we? I hope we can do this again soon!!!! I have some more lessons for you, baby!
B: That would be terrific, sweetheart!!!
(they agree to wait two weeks for another picnic, same day and place. So, at the appointed day and time, the two very intimate lovers meet again, embrace, and head for their rendevous point; they spread the blanket, put out the food, and enjoy another lunch)
T: Jacob, this is the day when I want to take your virginity! How does that sound to you, sweetheart?
B: Wow, Jackie, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather lose it to! (smiles, hugs her affectionately)
T: Ummmm!!! You are so sweet, darling! We are going to make love like rabbits! I am so horny!
B: I’m pretty horny, too, sweet sexy lady! (kisses her on lips)
T: I think we need to get buck naked, young lover! Here, I’ll help you off with your clothes, and then you can help me! (she begins to unbutton his shirt, unzips fly, pulls them off, pulls off briefs, and he is naked) There! Wow! That pole is standing tall, honey! (smiles; fondles it)
B: It’s standing out of respect to you, sweet lover! Shall I disrobe you, now? (pulls up her peasant blouse and off, revealing her naked 46B knockers, which jiggle; then unzips her skirt, pulling it off, revealing her naked pussy, tush and legs) Wowwww!!! What a beautiful naked body you have, Jackie! (smiles; squeezes her boobs affectionately; they are both buck naked, lying on the blanket under a shade tree)
T: Thank you, darling! I love your handsome body, too! Especially that long, hard rod here! (grasps it; begins to pump gently) I’m looking forward to having it in my pussy! (smiles; pumps more vigorously)
B: Ohhhh . . . . wowww. . . . I’ve died and gone to heaven! (feels of one boob, then moves other hand down to her pussy and begins to squeeze and feel; she spreads her legs to permit him free access)
T: Ummm .. . yess .. . feel my hot pussy, lover! And my boobie! (she continues to pump his dick) I think I’d like to lick and suck your cock about now, mister! Okay?
B: Oh, yes, dear. . . it’s all yours!
T: (she leans down, begins to lick up and down the shaft, then over the corona)
B: Ohhhhh .. . . wowwwwwww!!! I’ve never felt anything like this before!!! Ohhhhhh!!!!! Jackie!!!! (soon, her mouth completely surrounds his cock, and she puts it entirely in her mouth, sucking gently) Uhhhh .. . . uhhhh!!! This is incredible!!!! (he is squeezing and fondling her naked tits)
T: (after about 5 minutes) Honey, let’s trade places! I’d like for you to lick my pussy! Okay, baby? (smiles)
B: You bet, sweetie! (they switch places; she lies down, spreads legs; his face goes right to her open pussy area, and begins to lick gently around her slit and pussy lips)
T: Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! Yesssss, baby! Lick my sweet little honey pot! Ummmmmmmmm!!!! (his tongue goes deeper as she gets wetter) Ohhhh......wowwwww!!! I’m getting so hornyyyyyyy!!!! Oh, I love it!!!! (soon, she says) Jake, baby,it’s time you fucked your teacher, honey!
B: Yes, ma’am!!!! My fantasy! (he mounts her, sliding his hard cock into her waiting, open pussy lips, and it goes all the way in) Uhhhh . !!!!!!!
T: Ohhhhhhhh . . . . what a lovely cock!!!! Oh, honey, fuck me, baby!!!! Fuck your horny teacher!!!!
B: Uhhhh . .. Jackie . . . your pussy is so warm and wet!!!! I love fucking you!!!
T: I love fucking you, too, sweetheart!!! I’m glad you e-mailed me!!! Uhhh . . . fuck me!!! fuck meeeeeee!!!!! Uhh . . ...!!!! (they fuck for about 4 minutes like animals in heat and soon) Ohhh .. . . I’m commmmmmminnnnggg!!!! (she thrusts and bounces as her orgasm overtakes her) Uhhhh . . .
B: I’m commminnnnggg, too, Jackie!!! What shall I do with my cock? Uhhhh .. ..
T: Just pull it out and spray it on my tits and face, honey! Uhhhh . . . Ohhhh . . .!!!
B: (he extracts his hard dick reluctantly from her hot pussy and points it at her boobs, and soon it explodes)
Uhhhhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhh