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Cinnamon times 2

2022-06-24 00:00:04

Cinnamon times two

(I had met Cinnamon in the Bahamas over 5 months ago. We had spent a number of days and nights together. I had gone back to Minnesota to continue working toward a veterinary medicine degree. Cinnamon was coming back to Wisconsin to be with her family for Christmas. We were anxious to see each other again.)

I was working Saturday at my part-time job at the veterinary clinic when Cinnamon’s flight landed. Because of the Christmas holidays I was working extra time and couldn’t get off at that time. Cinnamon’s sister, Candace, came to pick up Cinnamon and take Cinnamon back to her apartment in Madison WI. I was not going to be able to see Cinnamon until Monday the 23rd of December two days later.

I left the morning of the 23rd for the 4 hour drive Madison. The drive was uneventful. I thought about Cinnamon on my way. I pictured her long, shiny, red hair and her sparkling, brown eyes. I smiled as I recollected her lovely smile and the feel of her soft, tender lips. I yearned to touch her large, supple breasts again and have the feeling of my penis in her warm tight pussy. I began to get aroused. I tried to get my mind off her and on to something else, but it kept going back to her.

Finally a little after noon I arrived at Candace's apartment building. Just as I got to the door someone was coming out, so I walked in and took the elevator up to the third floor. I knocked on the apartment door. The door opened and there was Cinnamon standing there. I grabbed her in a big hug and kissed her hard. I had missed being with her over the last 5 months. She pushed back.

“You must be Andy,” she said. “You have a strange way of greeting strangers. Hello I am Candace, my friends call me Candy.”

“Sorry! I thought you were …,” I said before she cut me off.

“Cinnamon?” she said. “Don’t be sorry. I enjoyed your greeting. It isn’t everyday you get kissed by a handsome stranger. It’s a good thing I’ve seen your picture or I would have screamed bloody murder. And of course I knew you were coming.”

I stood looking at her still in disbelief that she looked so much like Cinnamon. I knew Candy and Cinnamon were identical twins, but there were subtle differences. Candy's hair was slightly darker, I attributed that to Cinnamon being in the Bahamian sun. Candy was also not as tanned as I remembered Cinnamon being. Also Candy’s hair appeared to be shorter than Cinnamon's.

“You are staring,” Candy said.

“Sorry!” I responded.

“Don’t be! It’s a compliment,” Candy explained.

Candy was definitely Cinnamon’s sister. Cinnamon had used the same line on me several times.

“Come in, sit down, and talk until Cinnamon returns,” she said pointing to a chair.

I sat down. She sat in a nearby chair.

“Tell me about yourself,” she said.

She sounded just like Cinnamon except for the lack of a slight Bahamian accent. I told her about my family. I told her about growing up and how I met Cinnamon. I also told her about how I was working toward a veterinary medicine degree, which she already seemed to know. She knew how Cinnamon and I had met.

• She then told me more about her. She and Cinnamon had grown up in Wisconsin. She was the older sister by 8 minutes. They did not have any brothers or sisters. They grew up sharing everything, toys, clothes, and friends. Her sister, Cinnamon, was actually named Cynthia. But Cinnamon did not like the nickname Cindy. For awhile people had called her Cinn, but that made it sound like she was known for doing bad things, so she told people to call her Cinnamon because of her red hair. Candy had gone to school for architectural design. She had been hired right out of school and had done a number of designs. However quickly her company moved her into estimating and project management, because her projects always came in on or below estimate and on time. The clients were extremely happy with the results. She now helped others with estimating and was managing larger projects.

We talked for awhile longer before we heard someone at the door. The door opened and Cinnamon walked in.

“Sorry it took so ..,” she stopped mid sentence. “Andy!” she shouted.

She put the bags she was carrying down on the floor. Then she rushed over and grabbed me in a bear hug as I stood up. She locked her lips onto mine. I hugged her back. After a couple of minutes she loosened her grip. She pushed me back into the chair and sat on my lap.

“I was out buying things for supper tonight,” Cinnamon explained. “It took longer than I had planned.”

“I’ll put things away,” said Candy.

I kept running my fingers through her hair and I kept looking at her face.

“You’re staring,” she said with a small giggle.

“I’m sorry,” I replied.

“Don’t be it’s a compliment,” she said giggling louder.

Her hair was lighter and longer than Candy’s and her skin was more tan like I remembered. Candy came back into the room.

“I have the week off while Cinnamon is here,” Candy said. “Andy, you are welcome to come by anytime you can.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Cinnamon said you were going to find a hotel room in town,” Candy said. “That won’t be necessary. You can sleep on the pullout here.”

I looked at Cinnamon and she nodded yes.

“Are you sure, Candy?” I asked. “I want you to have time with your sister.”

Cinnamon laughed, “I told you he would say that. I told you we was a thoughtful guy.”

Candy said, “I will have plenty of time with my sister. We have already had some. Beside I am not sure who Cinnamon was more anxious to see, you or me.”

“Come on, Candy, you know how anxious I was to see you. Yes, I was also anxious to see Andy, but I hadn’t seen you for a year,” Cinnamon said.

Candy responded, “I know I was just joking.”

We talked for the remainder of the afternoon. After it started to get dark outside Cinnamon and Candy went to start preparing supper. I asked if I could help, but was told, no. I told them I was going to get my bag out of my truck. Candy came out and gave me a key to get back in the building. I retrieved my bag from my truck and went back up to the apartment. Went I walked in the conversation Candy and Cinnamon were having stopped. I sat back down. I heard a muffled conversation interspersed with giggles coming from the kitchen. I could tell they were chopping onions and peeling potatoes, but the first real smell was that of bread baking. I heard the oven door open and the fresh-baked bread smell became more intense. Slowly that smell was replaced by another vaguely familiar smell.

Cinnamon poke her head around the corner and asked, “Do you want some limeade?”

She brought a pitcher and 3 glasses over to a small table just off the kitchen and open to the living room.

“Why don’t you come sit over here,” she suggested. “You can join in the conversation.”

I moved over to the table. Cinnamon and Candy both watched me with big smiles on their faces as I sat down. The smell had become much more familiar.

“Your cooking Bahamian tonight aren’t you?” I asked.

“I wondered if and when you would recognize the smell,” Cinnamon said. “Yes, we are making stewed fish.”

I reflected back to the day we met at the hotel in the Bahamas, and how she had invited me out for supper. It turned out she planned we would have supper at her apartment. We had stewed fish and fresh-baked bread. While supper finished cooking we all sat at the table and talked. The conversation took an odd turn.

Candy asked, “Have you dated anyone since you left the Bahamas?”

It caught me off guard. I’m sure my surprise showed on my face.

“I haven’t dated since I left the Bahamas,” I replied.

Not a lie, but I chose not to mention the encounters I had after I left Nassau and went to Freeport.

“Cinnamon told me you said you loved her when you said your goodbyes,” Candy said. “I know you have been corresponding with her by mail, with occasional phone conversations. What are your intentions?”

I looked at Cinnamon she had no reaction.

“You're asking questions like a father rather than a sister,” I said. “I’m not sure where things will end up with your sister, but I do love her. But it’s hard moving a long distance relationship forward.”

“So you have ‘honorable' intentions!” Candy stated.

“It you mean I have no intention to hurt her or that I am not just using her, that is true!” I said.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Candy said and looked over at Cinnamon. They both smiled.

I got the impression that Candy had just asked a number of questions that Cinnamon was afraid to ask. Cinnamon got up and started the rice. Cinnamon and Candy brought things over to the table including a bottle of wine. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the interaction between the two sisters. Primarily talking about pranks and tricks they had played on each other growing up. We all enjoyed several glasses of wine. Not enough to be drunk, but definitely enough to feel the effects of the alcohol.

After supper I offered to wash the dishes, but Candy had a dishwasher and soon it was humming away, doing it’s task.

Candy brought out a couple of games and we played for several hours with a pleasant conversation about our families. Then Candy told how I hugged and kissed her when she opened the door.

“You kissed my sister?” said Cinnamon with a hint of anger in her voice.

“I though it was you!” I explained. “You are identical twins after all.”

“Well I guess I can overlook that,” Cinnamon said with a sly smile. “I’m just jealous she has gotten as many kisses as I have.”

I immediately stood, walked over to her, pulled her out of her chair, and kissed her long and hard.

“Is that better?” I asked.

“It’s good enough for now,” Cinnamon replied with a wry smile and glanced over at her sister.

“I have an idea. Andy you go into the bedroom. Don’t come out until we call you.” Candy instructed.

I went into the bedroom. I looked around. Candy had a queen bed. Everything looked to be tidy and well organized. Soon they called me to come back out. When I walked around the corner I saw Cinnamon and Candy standing with their backs toward me.

“Can you tell which one is which?” they asked in unison.

It wasn't hard because their clothes were different. Beside I had already noted that Cinnamon's hair was longer and slightly lighter, and her skin was more deeply tanned. I immediately told them that Cinnamon was on the right.

“How did you know so quickly?” Cinnamon said as they both turned around. “We used to fool people all the time.”

“Were you wearing the same clothing?” I asked

They looked at each other sheepishly. They obviously had not thought of that.

Cinnamon said, “Stay here!”

She grabbed Candy’s hand and took her into the bedroom. The door shut. And I could hear a muffled discussion. Only because of her acquired Bahamian accent I could tell she was trying to convince Candy of something. The discussion ended and all I heard was some moving around with a few giggles mixed in. Soon they called me to come in. I walked to the bedroom door and opened it. When I looked in they were standing at the foot of the bed with their backs toward me. Both were naked. I stared first with surprise and then with appreciation. Standing in front of me were two beautiful, well proportioned, and simply sexy young women.

“Which of us is Cinnamon?” they asked in unison.

I heard them, but didn’t respond. I was busy taking in their perfectly rounded rear ends, their smooth skin, and their gorgeous red hair.

“Cinnamon is the one on the right again,” I replied.

“How did you know?” Asked Cinnamon.

I thought for a while about how I might get them to turn around and face me without giving everything away.

“Cinnamon your hair is longer and slightly lighter than Candy’s,” I replied.

“Step out and come back in when we call you,” Cinnamon commanded.

I stepped out and closed the door. I heard some muffled whispers followed by some movement around inside the bedroom. After a few minutes I was asked to come back in. I opened the door and was met with my desired sight. Both ladies were still nude and were now facing me with paper bags on their heads and their hair pushed up inside so it was not visible. Cinnamon had switched to the left side this time. Of course I could tell them apart because of the difference in skin tone.

“Which one of us is Cinnamon?” they asked.

I took my time examining them. Their breasts were good-sized and perky. Their nipples were pink and erect. I also noticed their nicely, rounded hourglass shapes. Both had their pubic hair neatly trimmed. Their pussy lips were clearly visible. My penis had come alive and was noticeably pushing my pants outward.

“What’s taking you so long?” Cinnamon asked.

“Just enjoying the view!” I answered.

“Cinnamon, I told you he would get distracted,” Candy said.

“Ok, ok Cinnamon is on my left, your right,” I stated. “I can tell because she has a deeper tan.”

“What?” Candy screamed. “You maneuvered me into getting naked and displaying myself to you.”

She threw the paper bag aside and rushed at me in a rage. She tried to punch me. I blocked he fists with my arms. She then tried to kick me in the crotch. I dodged it and she grazed the outside of my leg. She then noticed the bulge in my pants. She stared for almost a minute.

“Cinnamon, were you in on this?” Candy asked still staring at my crotch.

“No he did this on his own,” Cinnamon assured her.

“Andy, drop your pants!” Candy demanded.

I looked over at Cinnamon. She shrugged.

“You’ve seen me naked. I want to see you naked,” Candy explained.

I hesitated, but then removed my shirt, followed by my pants and underwear. Candy stared.

“Your staring!” I said.

“I sorry!” Candy responded.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s a compliment,” I said and we all laughed.

“Cinnamon, I SEE why you love him. He has the whole PACKAGE,” Candy said.

“Candy come on now. Let’s get dressed and go back to our game and wine,” Cinnamon said.

A thought about making love to these two gorgeous ladies flashed through my mind.

“Andy, get dressed,” Cinnamon said bringing me back to reality.

We all finished getting dressed and returned to our game. Candy retrieved another bottle of wine. She filled our glasses. We continued our game. The two ladies had more of the wine than I did. Because of effects of the wine or maybe because of my wonderful game playing I was victorious. Cinnamon and Candy had been yawning for the past 30 to 40 minutes.

“Time for bed,” Candy announced. “I’ll get the sheets and a pillow for the pull-out.”

I went to the living room. I put the sofa cushions aside and set up the pull-out. Candy came out with the sheets, a blanket, pillow, and pillow case. Cinnamon helped me make the bed and get everything set.

“Cinnamon, are you coming?” Candy asked from the bedroom.

“Coming!” Cinnamon answered. “Goodnight, Andy,” she whispered, than gave me a hug and a huge kiss pressing her body into mine.

“I’ve missed having you in my arms,” I whispered in her ear. “I don’t want to let you go.”

I squeezed her hard pressing her closer. I began to get stirrings between my legs.

“I have to go,” Cinnamon said.

I kissed her again before releasing her. She walked to the bedroom and I heard the door close behind her. I turned off all the lights, except the one nearest the pullout and shut the blinds. I undressed except my underwear and climbed into the bed. I turned off the light, but couldn’t get to sleep. I heard the two of them talking quietly in the bedroom. I could not understand what they were saying. All I could think about was the bodies of those two lovely ladies in the next room. My penis began to firm up. I had hoped to find a time and place to make love to Cinnamon while she was here, but was now wondering if this would happen. I rolled on my side facing away from the hallway. After some time I must have drifted off to sleep.

I must have been in a deep sleep. I suddenly became aware that someone had climbed into the bed with me and had spooned up to my back. They had reached over, moved their hand inside my underwear, and were slowly stroking my rod. I smelled the smell of Cinnamon’s perfume.

“Cinnamon?” I questioned.

“Uh huh,” she replied.

“Do you want to do this here?” I asked.

“Uh huh!” came the reply.

I loved the feeling of her warm body and breasts pushing against my back. Her warm breath on my shoulders and neck made me tingle with anticipation. She let go of my rod and tugged on my shoulder. I rolled on to my back and slipped off my underwear. She moved her upper body on top of me and locked lips with me. She again grabbed my penis and resumed slowly stroking it. My fingers on my left hand felt the short trimmed pubic hair just above her pussy. I wrapped my right arm around her back and hugged her tight as the fingers on the other hand caressed her bush. I was slowly able to move down to her pussy. It was already hot and moist. She purred when I touched her pussy lips for the first time. Her tongue pushed against my lips and gained entry in my mouth. Our tongues battled for position. I was fully erect. She was breathing heavy. She squealed when my fingers found her clitoris and circled around and across her love button. She began writhing around and I lightly pinched her clitoris. I received another squeal, followed by an increase in pace on my penis. I pushed 2 fingers inside her while keeping my thumb caressing her clitoris. She moaned in delight. I pushed my fingers in and out as she continued groaning. I moved to get on top of her, but she pushed me back and she moved completely on top of me. She guided me to her love hole. She slowly pushed me inside her as I got my hands on her breasts. They were soft, yet firm but pliable. She gasped and pushed against my hands. I continued to move further inside her as she moved her pelvis up and down. I was getting close to my climax when I moved fully inside her. She paused.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Ready!” I answered.

There seemed to be something slightly odd in the sound of her voice. I couldn’t tell if I was a sense of reluctance or if it was her level of arousal. She began trusting her hips up and down. Shortly I was thrusting in coordination with her movement.

“Uh, uh, ah, oh,” came from her and repeated over and over.

This was different than I had experienced from her in the Bahamas. However it quickly left my thoughts as I approached the point of no return. I could tell she was getting close to cumming and held off as best I could. I soon was rewarded as her body tensed and her vaginal muscles clamped around me. That pushed me over the edge and a exploded into her. This triggered her orgasm to be released. She shuddered and shivered. Her vaginal walls twitched around my rod as it emptied the last of it’s contents into her. She collapsed breathlessly on top of me, panting and groaning.

“Please stop caressing my breasts. They’re too sensitive right now,” she requested.

I hadn’t realized I was still massaging her breasts. My hands stop moving. Slowly our breathing returned to normal. She slid off to the side of me.

“Wow!” she said. “That was bet… great!”

I wondered what she had started to say, but had stopped.

“That was terrific,” I said. “I sure have missed being with you.

“Me too,” she said. “I have to go back to the bedroom.”

“Ok,” I said with disappointment.

She gave me another long kiss, then walked back toward the bedroom. I watched, enjoying what I could see of her naked body. She went into the bathroom. I heard the water running and the toilet flush a few minutes later. I heard the bedroom door open and then close. I turned back over and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I awoke to a sound from the direction of the bedroom. It sounded like someone had bumped into the door. It was darker in the apartment now. Either then moon had gone down or it was covered by clouds. I heard the door handle turn and a soft creak when the door opened. Then I heard soft footsteps in the hall. I assumed one of the ladies was going to the bathroom. However the footsteps continued until I saw a figure nearing the side of the bed. I closed my eyes pretending I was asleep. I felt the bed move as they got in. I felt a rush of cool air as they got under the sheets. I felt warm breath near my thigh then move to my groin. A hand encircled my penis, squeezing lightly then releasing. This was repeated until I began to get hard. I felt a knee and shin move next to my arm.

“Cinnamon?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” came the response.

“Do you mind if I touch you?” I asked.

“Uh uh,” she responded.

I felt her soft, warm, moist lips kiss the head of my penis. I moved my arm between us up the side of her leg. Her skin was so smooth. I continued up to her was cheek and began to massage it gently. Her lips slipped over the head of my manhood. She licked around the head, then pursed her lips and sucked hard with her tongue pressing hard. I moved the first hand over to her other ass cheek and continued the massage and moved my other hand up to the first ass cheek. She lowered her mouth down my rod using her tongue on the underside of my rod. I was in ecstasy. I wanted to give her the same feelings. I pushed on her hip to get her to move over the top of me. It took a little prodding, before she complied. Her pussy was directly above my mouth. I was able to get her to lower herself until my tongue and mouth could access her slit. I ran my tongue along her slit. She moaned and lowered herself a little more. I licked from top to bottom. I could feel her pussy lip swelling and quickly becoming warmer. She had taken more of me into mouth. Her tongue and the inside of her cheek felt so wonderful on my pulsing penis. I rubbed a finger in circles around the top of her pussy. Slowly I worked it into her until I found her clitoris. It was hard and she jerked and squealed at my first contact. I circled it and ran my finger over the top of it. She trembled and moaned. She continued work on my penis and was now pumping up and down. I resisted cumming because I didn’t want this feeling to stop. I had now pushed my tongue between her lips and into her love hole. She writhed on top of my mouth, pushing her pelvis against my face. I moved my mouth and nibbled on her love button. She let out a loud yip.

She removed her mouth from me and said, “I want you inside me.”

She turned around and positioned my penis to enter her. I was soon inside her warm, wet, tight hole. She lay on top of me. Her breasts pressed into my chest. Our lips locked in a deep, passionate kiss. She worked on my stiff rod thrusting her hips in an ever accelerating pace. I began thrusting in coordination with her. We continued for some time before her body stiffened and her vaginal walls squeezed around me. I grunted as I exploded inside her jetting streams of cum into her. She spasmed and shuddered on top of me. I pumped the last of my seed into her as she continued to shake. Finally she collapsed, exhausted on top of me. She was panting, trying to catch her breath. I hugged her close and caressed her hair and back. She squirmed and shivered, but didn't object. My penis had become flaccid, but still remained inside her warm and soaking pussy. Her breathing had returned to normal. She laid still on top of me. I began to think she had gone to sleep. I was able to pull the sheet and blanket over the top of us without her moving. A few minutes later she began to move.

“Mmmm! That was sure wonderful,” she said. “I sure have missed making love with you. I should go back to the bedroom.”

She rolled off the top of me and got out of bed.

“Do you have to go?” I asked.

“It would awkward if we were found out here in the morning,” she responded. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

She gave me a kiss and then I watched her walk out of the room. She went into the bathroom and I heard the water run. I then heard the bedroom door open then close. I thought I heard some giggling from the closed door. Soon there was silence. I rolled over facing away from the hallway to the bedroom and again fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I slept soundly until the sun began to shine in the window. I lay there for a few minutes before getting out of bed and getting dressed. I explored the kitchen to see what kind of food was around for breakfast. I decided I was going to make breakfast after taking a shower. I listened at the bedroom door, but heard nothing. I went into the bathroom, took off my clothes, folded them and put them in a corner. I stepped into the bathtub and adjusted water to the desired temperature. I got wet, enjoying the feeling of the hot water. I lathered my hair using the shampoo available. It was a little too flowery for my taste. I thought I heard a sound and felt a rush of cool air. Then I heard 2 giggles.

“Andy, we have a question,” came Cinnamon’s voice.

“What’s your question?” I asked.

“Could you tell who was who last night?” Cinnamon asked.

“Yes, I was right every time!” I answered.

“No! We mean during the night! Who was first and who was second?” Candy asked.

I was surprised for a second. I had assumed It had been Cinnamon both times. But some things started make sense. During the first love making session the person avoided talking too much. The sounds during our love making were different than I had remembered from Cinnamon in the Bahamas. I also had the feeling she was going to say, “that was better than I thought it would be”, but had changed mid-sentence. The second love-making session seemed more “familiar” and honestly more energetic. Also when the second person was coming out they seemed to bump into things as if not familiar with the apartment.

“What’s taking you so long? We have a surprise if you are correct,” said Candy.

“Candy! Oh, ok. Yes, we have a surprise,” said Cinnamon. “But only if you are right!”

I had some dirty, but excitef thoughts about the surprise.

“Ok. Candy was the first one, Cinnamon was the second one,” I said.

There was a pause.

“How did you know?” Candy asked. “Did Cinnamon tell you?”

“Candy! I didn’t say anything!” Cinnamon protested.

I assured Candy that Cinnamon had not told me anything about the trickery. I then explained my reasoning to them.

“What’s my surprise?” I asked.

The shower curtain opened. Both women were standing there naked. I gasped, then smiled. I took Cinnamon's hand and helped her in. Then took Candy’s hand and helped her in. The curtain was pulled closed. Cinnamon was standing nearest the showerhead and most of the water was hitting her. I was enjoying the sight of both their naked bodies. Especially the water streaming down and glistening on Cinnamon’s skin.

“Since it was Candy’s turn first last night, It is my turn first this morning,” Cinnamon stated.

She handed me a bottle of shampoo, then put her head under the stream of water wetting her hair. I squeezed out some shampoo and began shampooing her luxurious hair. Her hair was strong, but soft reaching down to her lower back. I massaged her scalp and worked my way down to her shoulders. Her hair and shoulders melted into my fingers. “Ahhs” and “mmms” came from her lips. I moved down her back and kept moving down to her butt. I massaged her butt cheeks as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. She pushed back into my now growing manhood. After she was done she turned around.

“Glad I can still excite you,” she said and giggled wrapping her fingers around my rod.

“Cinnamon, can he wash my hair before he continues with you?” Candy asked. “I want to get some of that hot water on me.”

“Ok,” replied Cinnamon with a hint of reluctance in her voice.

We moved around in the close quarters of the bathtub first Candy squeezed past me and then Cinnamon. As she moved past me She rubbed against me. The head of my penis brushed against her bush and legs. It jumped. Candy smiled. Then Cinnamon moved past me. Again my penis brushed against her bush and legs. My penis was stiffer now and again jumped.

“Here’s the shampoo,” said Candy as she handed a bottle to me.

I took the bottle from her. She turned her back to me and got her hair wet. She bent over and pressed her butt cheeks into my groin. My hard-on pushed into her butt crack. She moved her ass up and down sending waves of pleasure through my body.

“Stand up Candy. Let him wash your hair,” Cinnamon said with a touch of either irritation or maybe jealousy in her voice.

Candy stood up slowly. I squeezed some shampoo into my hand and started from the top massaging her scalp and worked my way down to her shoulders. I spent some time massaging her shoulders. I felt her shoulders and muscles relax. I worked down her back and goosebumps appeared on her arms. Cinnamon was watching closely, so I didn’t caress her butt cheeks. Since Candy’s hair was shorter, it would have been obvious I wasn’t simply washing her hair. I finished washing her hair and she started to rinse out the shampoo. She again bent over pushing her rear end into my groin. She began to rub up and down with my rod pressing into her crack. Cinnamon pushed against me from behind. I felt her hard nipples and breasts pushing into my back. Her hand reached between my thighs and cupped my balls. She rolled them around in her hand, then gently squeezed and released them several times. Candy stood up.

“Time to bathe me!” Cinnamon said.

Again the ladies switched places, rubbing against me as they moved past. Cinnamon stood under the spray of the shower. She handed me the shower soap. She turned her back to me. I soaped her back from her shoulders down to her butt cheeks, taking extra time on those. Candy pushed her body against my back. Her breasts were firmly pressed against me. Both her hands came around grasping my penis and balls. I had reached between Cinnamon’s legs finding her pussy and running my fingers from bottom to top. I found her clitoris. She took in a deep breath and slowly let in out upon my first contact. I continued to circle around her love button. Cinnamon’s breath continued slow and deep. She shuddered then turned around . I soaped her front spending a long time on her breasts. I pinched her nipples lightly and she squealed in delight. She moved her sisters hand away from my penis and guided it into her love hole. Candy used her hands to caress my back sending shivers up my spine. I slowly pushed my rod inside Cinnamon. I again enjoyed her warm, wet, tight pussy. Cinnamon smiled and purred. After I was completely inside her, we began moving in coordination. Slowly I moved in and out of her. Our speed increased until we were banging together, both in breathless excitement and anticipation. I felt the pressure building inside me. Cinnamon groaned, her body stiffened, and her vagina clamped around me. After one last thrust I exploded inside her. I expelled several streams of semen deep into her. I held her up as she shuddered and trembled, her legs nearly giving way. I pulled her against my feeling like the cream filling in an Oreo, with Candy on my back and Cinnamon on my front. When Cinnamon regained her breath and footing she rinsed the soap off. For the third time the ladies switched places. Candy handed me the shower soap. I washed her back, kneading her buns when I reached them. Cinnamon grabbed the bottle of shower soap and lathered my back. I reached between Candy’s legs and ran my fingers up and down her pussy lips. She let out a low moan. Cinnamon began washing my genitals. Bringing my erection back quickly. I pushed my fingertips between Candy’s pussy lips. My fingers were rapidly coated with her warm juices. I rolled her clitoris softly between my thumb and finger. She squealed and moaned approvingly. My penis began tapping on Candy’s rear end as Cinnamon continued “washing” it. I pushed a finger inside Candy’s love hole. Candy shivered and then shuddered. She pushed firmly against my fingers. Her breathing became shorter and deeper. Cinnamon released my genitals. My rod came to rest along the crack in her rear end. Candy turned around and faced me. She put one hand behind my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. Her other hand wrapped around my penis. She rubbed the head along the outside of her pussy. I moaned in pleasure. I pushed inside her pussy lips and slid right up to the top. The head of my penis was in contact with her clitoris. I moved up and down with very short strokes.

Candy moaned with, “Yes, yes,” exiting her lips.

Cinnamon had been kissing my back during this time. She was sending shivers through my body. Candy shifted to get me into her love hole and then pushed me inside. I found the bottle of shower soap and squirted some into my hand, before accidentally dropping the bottle to the floor of the tub. I reached between our bodies and found her breasts. Her breasts were large, and firm, yet pliable. I ran my hand over and under her breasts cupping them with my hands, just feeling the weight of her bosoms. I was just so amazed how much she and Cinnamon were alike. I slid two fingers up both sides of both of Candy’s nipples. I squeezed them slightly causing Candy to squeal and moan. She pushed her pelvis forward and I moved deeper into her. I pushed back until I was fully inside her. She let out a long breath with an “ooooo”. I continued working on her breasts and nipples. I began to move slowly inside her with long strokes. I began to stroke faster. I moved one hand between our bodies and found her clitoris. Candy gasped as I rubbed and traced my fingers over her love button. She moved in synchronization with my movements. Like the night before she began repeating, “Uh uh ah oh”. One sound with each stroke. I was quickly reaching my climax. Suddenly she pulled me hard against her and her vaginal muscles gripped my penis like a vice. Her muscles quivered and her body trembled, then she screamed as her orgasm consumed her. I blasted my load into her with several ejaculations. I held her up as her knees buckled.

“Candy, are you ok?” Cinnamon asked.

“Y…Yes,” Candy responded. “That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. It even surpassed the one last night.”

Once Candy regained her stability, we finished washing each other. After some maneuvering we were able to get rinsed off. I enjoyed toweling off my two lovely companions and also being toweled off by them.

“Does anyone want breakfast?” I asked. “I’m going to play chef.”

“I am starving,” said Cinnamon.

“So am I,” said Candy.

“Do you want bacon, eggs, or pancakes?” I questioned.

“Yes,” they answered simultaneously.

I grabbed my clothes. The ladies went into the bedroom. I put my clothes on the pullout bed, then put on a clean pair of underwear. I went to the kitchen and started collecting the things I would need. I found the pans and griddle and was pulling food from the refrigerator when someone yanked my underwear to my ankles.

“No fair wearing clothes if we are not wearing any,” said Cinnamon.

“That’s right!” agreed Candy.

They both sat down at the table naked, while I finished making breakfast. Believe me I glanced over several times to take in the sight of those two naked beauties while I finished preparing breakfast. While we ate I continued to take in the sights at the breakfast table.

Later in the day when I left Candy invited me back for another “sleepover”, before Cinnamon had to leave.