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The aliens who forced us to evolve Part 1

2022-08-11 00:00:03

I didn’t know where I was and I couldn’t see anything my hands and feet were bound tightly. The back half of my body was on a cold metal surface maybe a operating table. It made me shiver a little, while the room temperature wasn’t cold but it wasn’t hot either and at that moment I became suddenly aware that I was naked, with an erection that hurt to have. I could sense that something was close. Then whatever it was started sucking on it, not a hot and wet sucking like a woman’s hot wet mouth would give, but almost cold and nearly dry. But it didn’t matter it had clearly done this before because it felt like amazing it was soft and hit all the right spots. I realize it was living thing when it caressed my balls and was starting to go further south to my asshole with one finger but I was about to cum on or in whatever was doing it. As I reached my peak and was humping and squirming, everything suddenly stopped and pulled off and I shot my load into the air. I could feel the cum land on my stomach with warm spurt then get cold with the air.

“Maybe I could try my sex organ sir” said something that sounded more feminine but it definitely wasn’t human.

“No you have had your fun, besides we can’t tire the specimen out any more, get the sperm sample off of him so we can continue” said a much deeper inhuman voice. From what I could tell being bound and blindfolded and all that one was definitely in charge.

“It’s weird how their evolution works sir”

“I know but part of it is because they are so primitive, if we just make them all fuck the nearest human their species should evolve quickly.”

“Won’t that vastly over populate their planet? Not to mention spread diseases sir”

“Well how about this we make this a disease that only works on the healthy, and non pregnant. As well make sure those who are biologically related severally undesirable just to keep their inbreeding impossible.”

“Why not also add that the want to fuck anything they consider exotic?”

“Good idea, as far as the population issue it won’t matter. The one downside to this is if they don’t fuck a least once a day every few days they will die. Making this a survival of the fittest. This will make them evolve faster now, and when the leap happens the disease will no longer be able to affect them.”

“What about those who are adolescent or pregnant won’t they die?”

“Those who haven’t finished growing won’t be affected because the chemicals needed are not active same with pregnant women though they by themselves will be horny without our help”

“So this man is going to be our first one sir? He doesn’t look particularly special, his member isn’t even overly large.”

“Well you didn’t seem to mind sucking him off did you. When we are done with him he’s gonna be special, larger penis and pheromones that make him more desirable than the average man. The trick is we don’t want to change him to much that the evolution doesn’t come naturally”

“Well that seems simple enough, and for you information he did taste good... also maybe can I be dropped off with him sir? I can give you direct info about him and the disease spreading”

“You really are a slut for humans aren't you. Fine I’ll grant it but you must fit in, no more Roswell type incidents.”

I was bewildered by what I was hearing. ALIENS? How could that be possible and why was I chosen and wait did I really just get a blowjob from an alien. “Why are you doing this to me, why do you want me to hear this?” I yelled out.

“It’s simple young man when this evolution step is complete you will need to explain this to everyone. Not to mention when we do our first contact we need someone to vouch for us. And in a four thousand years when we need humans to be evolved past the primal urges of killing everything that you deal with today it will be better for both our species.” The masculine alien said calmly.

“Truth is we will eventually need you to mate with our species, but because your not evolved enough we can’t, but this fucking fest should make humans evolve in a few hundred years.” Said the now more human sounding female voice. The female alien grabbed his cock again but this time it was different, she was warm and felt almost human.

“Take off my blindfold and want to see everything” I said, and like that the blindfold was taken off and I could of easily imagined some ugly aliens looking at me. But it wasn’t, the room was how every stereotypical alien ship would be. Lights, buttons, operating table where they probe you type deal. But the aliens were not. They were perfect, and when I say perfect I mean they are so beautiful I got an erection from the male alien and I’m a straight man, they were seriously some Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively gorgeous except they were even more stunning. They were naked and I was surprised why were a species so advanced naked in front of me? The female alien was perfect in every form she was a redhead and had pale skin, her breast were perky and just slightly larger than palm size, her nipples were the perfect shade of pink and rock hard, her body was fit but not over muscled. Her ass was out of this world... I guess literally as well. She had no hair on her pussy except for the simple landing strip that invited you in. It tore me apart to look away from her and my erection back and once again it was so hard that it hurt.

That’s when I noticed it. They did make it bigger... a lot bigger I went from a simple 5 inch to what I could figure was a 10 inch. My dick was thicker too I knew I wouldn’t be able to wrap my fingers all the way around it. This new addition would murder a woman if I wasn’t careful.

The alien man was to handsome too. He was cut like a Greek god. His face did actually resemble Ryan Reynolds, his body was slightly hairy but then looking at his cock I was amazed. It was nearly 15 inches long and dam near the thickness of full grown mans clenched fist.

“You like what you see I guess” Said the female alien looking at my cock as if it was a play thing.

“I’m not complaining but why are such advanced aliens naked?“

“Well that’s simple we are a very sexual race when the occasion hits we fuck and move on. Just so you know this is not out true forms, this is just what we want you to see. We can control most everything about ourselves, how big or small we want to be, if we want to get pregnant or not, that kind I’d thing. The only thing that is true about us is our hair color and genitals.” She said with a cheery glee like she was proud of her pussy. I looked back at the male alien.

“What the fuck your cock can kill someone.” I said with an astonished look.

“My man hood is large yes but if she was in her true form she would worship it and be able to take every inch. The same way I worship her pussy that feels unlike any women you have been with.”

The female alien blurred out “But I prefer humans... because their cum taste so good and there skin is so sweet to me.” She seemed almost emotion say that then she asked. “Can I have a taste of your cum? I didn’t get a chance to do so since it was for a sample.” My lack of movement and saying no was the only approval she needed as she jumped on my cock sucking me off again. Her mouth was so good at sucking and so warm and wet compared than before that it made me cum faster than when I was a virgin, and I was already spent once. She gave a little “mmmm” sounds that made me actually think she like it then kept on sucking even after I left a bucket load in her. As the she sucked me off my sensitivity went so high I was bucking and squirming, bucking so much I went all the way into her throat, she was surprised but didn’t gag. Her perfect method made me cum again and that release paralyzed me, she stopped and slowly released my cock and stopped at the tip and licked and cleaned it thoroughly. She released my cock tip while sucking and it made a popping noise. She kissed it with smile on her face. “Thank you for the cum I will want some again later”.

I was starting to black out from the pleasure when I hear “Now look what you did he’s blacking out, we can’t make him the the host when he’s this weak.” Then I was out.