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Mind controller chip

2022-10-02 00:05:28

Narrated by two people.

I had spent all morning interviewing micro neurology graduates to assist in decoding brain waves as a means to controlling computers rather than using a keyboard and mouse. I thought I would whittle it down to 2 or 3 candidates. But the only suitable person was a fairly plain girl about 23 who probably had a fairly good figure if she didnt wear such ill fitting clothes. Her name was Sue she seemed very shy.

After a couple of weeks we started to get on well enough and she was very good at what I needed her to do. After two months we had a prototype which stuck on the back of the neck with a couple of Elastoplast. It consisted of very fine wires that just pierced the skin hooked up to a small computer chip . It felt a bit sore to start then the device emitted a pain blocking signal. We connected it to the computer and after a week decoding our brain waves we were able to type by using our thoughts. It only did lower case letters, no numbers and no punctuation. At best it was about as fast as a slow typist.

We tried to think of other uses for it.

What if we made two and see if we could communicate with each other.

How would we decide who transmitted and who received.

We could have a wrist band that you pressed to talk.

Ok we would need to set them both to receive and analyse the wave forms first.

after a hectic week we had two prototypes. These had Velcro wrist bands. and a large wound dressing to hold the chip on the back of the neck.

We started analysing the wave forms. We started by sticking a sharp object in the back of our hands to find the pain signals. We found we could increase or decrease these from the slightest touch being agony to a quite serious pin prick not registering at all.

Alongside the pain waves we found the triggers for anger we wound Sues up to high and I told her to slap me. She seemed to enjoy that. My anger signals shot trough the roof. I wound pain and anger down as far as they would go and we did it again. I felt no pain and no animosity. We made the assumption Sues would be the same. I didnt really want to hit her.

Over that week we found an assortment of signals that were the same for me and sue. Not sure what all of these did. Then we found the triggers for Reluctance and Inhibition.

While Ben sorted out the software for the chips I made the wristbands. Adding sliders to control any four signals. Which signals they controlled would be set in the computer.

We decided that one slider would return everything to normal, one would cover inhibition and the third would cover one of the unknown signals.

We put on the neck bands and switched them on then strapped on the wrist bands. As they booted up there was a small buzz in the back of the neck. Ok turn the reset slider to off. and turn the other two to ten percent. It felt a bit strange, as Sues head turned from left to right I could feel signals change.

I started talking to Ben but he seemed to know what I was going to say a fraction of a second before he said it. This was weird.

OK turn the reset on.

It seems we were feeling the same effect.

OK sue you are a very shy person normally aren’t you. If I asked you to strip naked you wouldn’t do it would you.

NO definitely not.

Would you be prepared to slowly turn your inhibition up to see how that works.

You want me to keep turning my inhibition signal up until I strip naked for you.

Its just you and me. I want you to try your hardest not to do it. When you start removing your clothes I will stop.

I dont Know. I dont really feel comfortable doing it.

Thats the whole point. If you asked me to strip naked I would without the inhibitor. We need to try something you wouldn’t normally do.

OK then but you strip off first I dont want to end up stood there naked on my own.

I couldn’t believe Ben was getting naked. Wow his penis is quite large. I hadn’t seen one since I was about sixteen. I have led a very sheltered life.

OK turning it to twenty percent.

I tried to send a signal for sue to strip. Nothing.

I kept winding it up until I got to sixty percent. I dont know why but I started removing my top, Then my skirt I was stood there in just my bra and knickers. I wouldn’t go further.

Ok reset. How did that feel. Weird I just didnt mind stripping but thats as far as I wanted to go. I see you enjoyed it. Staring at his erection.

Woops sorry.

Thats ok its massive.

No its about eight inches thats about average. Ok do you want to get dressed or try a bit further.

Lets just check the waveforms then we will continue. I couldn’t believe I was sat in my bra and pants next to a naked man checking waveforms. Thats strange my inhibition levels have not returned to normal yet.

Thats ok we will check the decay levels when we are done.

We returned to where we were at sixty percent. Ok seventy percent. Then Ben signalled me to strip again. Not sure how this worked. I knew Ben wanted me to strip but I wouldn’t do it till I received the signal from him. I quickly removed my bra. As I removed my bra the signal from Ben got stronger. I could see his dick twitching. Then I removed my knickers. I was stood there completely naked and I didnt care. This is something I would never normally do.

Ben got me a chair and signalled me to sit.

Open your legs he signalled.

He reached over and pushed the slider up to eighty percent. As he pushed the slider up so my legs parted.

Ok reset.

Well that was nice. How do you feel

Weird I’m sat here naked with my legs open and I dont care.

You have switched your inhibitor off but I am still sending a signal to open your legs. Try to close them.

Wow thats weird. I can override you but I cant really be bothered.

Would you like me to make you orgasm to check the carrier waves for sex.

I’m trying to say no but you can if you want. Dont put your dick in me or I will be annoyed.

I’m not going to.

Ben reached over and turned off the reset and turned the inhibition to eighty percent again. then he came round behind me and put his arms round me. He cupped my left breast. and with his other hand he started rubbing my clitoris.

How’s that.


Ben turned the unknown slider to sixty percent and continued with my clit.

Any change.

I dont think so. I slid the slider to ninety percent still nothing. Ben was starting to make me orgasm. I slid the inhibition to one hundred percent. I thought I was going to explode when I orgasmed.

Thats too high. you dont need it that high yet.

Ok reset.

I was still buzzing I think the unknown slider is probably endorphin release.

OK sue. Has anyone ever gone down on you.

What do you mean.

Oral sex. Has a man ever licked you down there.

No why. Do you want to. I would love to.

I had a bit of a fumble with a boyfriend when I was younger but he mostly just fingered me then stuck his dick in me. After that I spent too much time studying to have a boyfriend.

Ben pulled me up from the chair and lay me on the couch with my bum on the edge. He turned the sliders up to eighty percent and climbed between my legs and draped my legs over his shoulders. I couldn’t believe how it felt. And the thought that someone wants to lick me down there. Pretty soon he gave me an even stronger orgasm. he then reached over and reset the sliders. Then he reset his.

The loss of connection was strange. All of a sudden I was back in the real world. I was completely naked and a naked man had just given me the most amazing orgasms. This wasn’t me at all.

I just want to take a blood sample then we can check the waveforms. I wandered over naked to the lab Bench and put a blood sample in the analyser. It would take a few minutes. Then I went to the laptop to look at the waveforms. They were very complex so I sent them to the printer. Ben was stood behind me cupping my breasts all the time I was at the screen. I was in no hurry to move. It felt quite nice. It was very strange Bens dick was sticking in my back but he had not tried to fuck me.

Do you know you have a beautiful body. We should go and get you some sexier clothes next time we are in town.

It was a good hour before I felt normal again. I still didnt mind being naked. Perhaps my inhibition levels would remain where they are. The blood test came back. It looks like it was endorphins. The bodies own heroin. So we knew what that slider was for.

We disconnected all the gear. packed it all away. I was just going to get dressed and go home when Ben took my hand and led me up to his bedroom. I dont know if it was the change to my brain waves or the endorphins or what but I just followed him. I didnt mind when he carefully lowered me into the bed. He showed me how to 69. That felt really nice. I didnt even care when he ejaculated in my mouth. He turned me round and pulled the covers over us and kissed me.

I woke in the morning not sure where I was. I turned and saw Ben and realised it had not been a dream. I reached down and held his penis which was already rock hard. I carefully climbed astride him and slowly slid his dick inside me. I had managed to give myself an orgasm and collapsed on him before Ben opened his eyes. This was the first real dick I have had inside me.

You’re not done yet he said spinning me over and fucking me.

It was another hour before we got up.

You should move in. It would be more convenient for you.

And probably more fun. I realised we would be going a lot further than this before we were done.

The next day I moved my stuff in and handed the keys back to my landlord. We went into town where Ben picked out some new clothes. Then he picked out some underwear for me. Oh my god I’m

not sure I will be able to wear some of it.

We got back to the lab and Ben made me try on all of the clothes. I didnt think twice about stripping in front of him. Pretty soon he had an erection again.

He brought the neck patch and controllers out.

Put these on I need to see what level we need you on today.

You know you can fuck me without.

I know but we need to test it over extended periods.

I put the band on and turned the settings to eighty percent as per yesterday. This seemed way too much and I turned it down to fifty percent. It looks like your base line is up by thirty percent. He then instructed me to lay on the bed and he proceeded to lick me. I quickly orgasmed and quickly followed by two more. He turned the endorphin slider to ten percent and did it again. I had another orgasm but it was a while before I could come again. Well it looks like thats not just endorphin it also changes your recovery time for your orgasms.

Over the next few weeks we split the waveforms down further. The endorphins was close to the orgasm control. and it turned out most of the waveforms had multiple variations. In the end we hooked into food, drink, sleep, toilet , rest, pleasure , pain, sensitivity, submission, domination, inhibition, anger and lust we found that the endorphins could be used to give you an energy boost if any of the settings dropped below a pre-set minimum.

We spent an amazing couple of weeks trying sex at various settings and without the chips. I cant believe I have missed out on all these years of sex.

Once we had got as much data as we could Ben said I am off to the guy who builds the chip. I may be away for a few days.

I was pretty much rattling round the house and lab with nothing to do. Then I wondered if the chip would work on Bens dog. He was a big soft Alsatian called shep. I clipped the hair on the back of his neck and attached Bens control chip and switched it on. The light came on and the fine wires wound into the back of his neck. He started barking then he was fine.

I went to the computer and checked his settings. I told him to eat and to sleep, he did these without any problem. I set his submissive levels at 50. and anger at about 10.

I really enjoyed oral sex and wondered if I could get shep to lick me. I felt really nervous about this so I put my chip on and set my inhibition to full. I set my orgasms to about 2 minutes and my lust to about 50. I was only going to let him lick me for a few minutes to try him out. I removed my jeans and knickers and lay on the settee with my arse on the edge. I didnt know whether to turn my inhibition back down a bit I was actually getting excited.

I put my wrist strap down and put on the one for Bens chip. as it connected I felt the usual buzz but then things felt a bit weird. Obviously sheps waves were slightly different to mine.

I turned sheps lust and domination up a bit. I signalled him lick me. I could see he was a bit confused. I turned his inhibition up and signalled again. then he came over and started licking me. Wow that felt good. as I got excited that fed through to shep and he started licking like a demented dog. within a few seconds I was coming. Shep started lapping at me even faster. Then as he continued I orgasmed every 3 minutes until I was ready to collapse. Then the endorphins kicked in and I started orgasming again and again. I was as high as a kite by now. I knew I couldn’t take much more so I pressed the reset button which I had programmed to make him sleep.

Shep pulled away and lay down, within a few seconds he was asleep. I left the collar on him to keep him that way for now. I connected the charger lead to him where he lay. And I removed my chip and put that on charge.

I made myself a coffee and sat down checking the recording of the waveforms and the settings. I was just starting to relax when my endorphins kicked in again. Oh my god I was as high as a kite again. I reset all my settings and set myself to sleep for 2 hours.

When I came round I felt a lot better. I waited a couple of hours to make sure none of my settings kicked in again. Then I set my settings to where they were. I set the maximum number of endorphin shots per hour and the maximum per day. The last thing I wanted was to become addicted.

I planned what I was going to do next.

To be continued.