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Bled on Me

2022-08-10 00:00:03

I have had my eye on her for a very long time. Oh my god, those luscious petite little tits, tight little ass. I can just imagine her red wavy hair hanging over her pale naked body hiding her breasts. Her lips so small that I doubt that she'd be able to fit my cock inside ... and oh god, I can only dream of her cunt. Does she shave? Does she even need to? She's only fucking young. I swear, right now, if I ever see her again I'm going to take her, and keep her to myself. Take her somewhere deserted, somewhere distant. The world around us will disappear. I don't give a shit what happens afterwards, it will be worth it.

Oh god. I saw here, I think she saw me too. God damn it, she looks hot in her school uniform. My knock is tingling with sense of lustful intention. My legs quiver, I can feel my cum brewing inside. Within moments I shall have her. Is she a virgin? Will she bleed when I shove my cock inside her? Will she cry or scream? I'm fucking hard enough as it is. I can't take it.

I'd been stalking her silently for months. I knew where she lived. When she was at home. When her parents went out. I knew everything. I even had her cell phone number.

I followed behind her in my van. I finally gathered the courage to speak to her. "Hey." I said. I felt like an idiot. Did I really have the balls to go through with this. I doubted myself.
"Hey!" She answered back.
I had made contact. It took a whole lot of weight of my chest.
"I'm new in the neighbour hood. I'm kinda lost. Could you help me?" I asked
"Sure. Where ya heading" She asked.
She had the voice of a southern angel. My cock grew harder. I thought for a moment. Remembered her adress and then spoke again.
"Oh, I'm visiting an old friend from College. He lives on 32 Days Avenue." I said.
"Oh my god! That's where I live!"
"Really.Great! Then maybe you know Jack?" I said.
"Of course!" She laughed, "That's my dad."
"So you can obviously help me then. How do I get there?"
"Oh it's three streets down from here. You turn left ..." She answered.
"Thanks! Hey, want a lift?" I suggested.
"Oh. I don't know. I kind of need the excersise anyway."
She was obviously frightened. There was no way in hell this girl was concerned about her health. She was fit and she knew it.
"You sure. It's a hot out there." I said.
"Umm. Okay .... I guess." She agreed to get into my car. I could see she was feeling uncomfortable.
I opened up the passenger door for her. She got in. My eyes instantly fixated on her milk white legs. She had scars; little cut marks. Was she a cutter? If so, this would be a hell of a lot easier. I could bring down her self-esteem and pressure her into things.
"It's all right if I just stop at the gas station first?" I asked
"No problem."
I drove, past her street and past the gas station. My eyes occassionally drifting to her. I wanted to feel her insides. I wanted her to bleed for me.
"Oh the service station is back there!" She pointed out.
"I know."
"I thought you needed to go to the service station ..."
"Not that one. I don't like the people that work there."
"Oh. Okay ... So , what's your name anyway?"
"It doesn't matter." I said and kept driving.
"Well, I've got a lot of school work to do. So just drop me off here and I can walk the rest of the way." I heard fear in her voice. It made me harder.
I locked all the doors using my control console.
"Shut up you filthy whore." I whipsered.
"What?" She said in disbelief.
"Don't you think I know." I said.
"Know what?"
"Know what you do. What you like. Just look at your legs."
She looked down, she was ashamed.
"That's right. You fucking hate yourself. You are a whore, right? You have every fucking reason to hate yourself, you little cunt."
"Let me out. Let me out!" She cried.
"Oh don't be frightened baby. You don't have to hate yourself anymore. I'm here to change all that."
"You can't do shit. Just let me the fuck out!" She screamed.
My closed fists found contact with her head. I hit her about three times, if I remember correctly. I was too busy laughing to count. When I looked at her, I saw her huddled into a ball, sobing like a frightened twelve-year-old, the funny thing being, I don't think she was too much older than that.
"Yeah, go on and fucking cry. No one really cares. You know that. Do you think mommy and daddy care?"
There was a short silence that was occasionally interupted with her litle sobs.
"No." She began to cry, gasping for air and scratching at the passenger window. The dumb little shit had no idea that people outside couldn't see inside; the windows had heavy tinting.
"This is your lucky day, whore." I said. "Now finally you can live the way you write. Oh yes, I know about the poetry you write. About rape, submission and pain. I know you all too well, Moriah. Now you can really experience it. You write about death like you know what you are talking abou ... don't you want to find out, doesn't it make you wet knowing that all this can be ended in a heart beat." I said.
I think she was too frightened to speak, let alone move.
I grabbed her by her red hair and shook her violently.
"Reallity check, bitch!" I said. "Life is short."
My hands romaed down to her firm little tits. I groped them violently. I'm sure I bruised them. She didn't resist. She either really enjoyed it or was too fucking scared.
"Now it's time to make amends with your fucked up life. Do what I say. You know you want to."
I swear I could make out a little nod, either that or she was just trembling so much.
I pulled the van over by the side of the road. We were now somewhere far away, deserted.
"Get in the back you little whore." I demanded. She obeyed.
She got in the back of the van. The control I had got me so excited that I came a little. I unlatched my seat belt and hopped in the back with her. She sat there with her knees pressed to her chin, rocking back and forth.
"Don't be fritghened."I said, "This will all be over soon. YOu will never have to look back at your miserable life."
A advanced on her. My hands wandered her soft, frail little body. Oh god, her little trembles made me cum some more. I reached up her school dress to find her panties. They were wet. I rubbed her cunt through them and it was just as I imagined; tight and unshaved. This was my heaven.
"Please." She cried. My only reaction was to grab her by the throat.
"Shut up!" I shouted.
With one hand choking her and other rubbing her, I knew it was time.
"Take off your clothes." I said.
She sat motionless for awhile and then did as I said.
"Lie down" I added, and she did.
I ran my fingers softly over her little scars. Every little bump of her scarred tissue made me cum a little more.
"Let's bring back the past, shall we?" I said
I reached into my glove department and pulled out my knife. I held it tightly in my right hand and joined her once more. I pressed the knife into her skin and slowly slid it up her inner thigh. When I got to her cuts I pushed harder, opening her old wounds. She bled. I needed to taste it. I ran my tongue over her blood. It tasted evre so sweet. I could just eat her.
I began to gently chew on her nipples. I pressed the knife to her tight, wet cunt. At times I would run the dull part of the blade up and down her clit. I was tempted to shove the knife inside her, but I couldn't, not until I had taken her cherry with my hard, throbing cock.
I took the knife and held it to her throat. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my cock. Held it firmly, then placed it between her vrigin lips, between her thighs. I pushed the knife harder. The skin seperated, a little. She bled from her kneck. I forced my cock inside. She was the tightest thing I'd ever fucked. My cock ached as I entered her tight, wet, swallen, quivering cunt. She screamed in pain as my cock penetrated deeply. I swear that I had caused some damange to her pussy. Her body was under developed and I swear I could hear skin rip. There was more blood on my cock than there was on the knife. This got me as solid as a rock.
With every thrust I felt her clench. Her insides massaging my cock. Blood was dripping from her cunt. I began to thrust harder, and faster. She was crying.
"This is what it's like, you filthy little slut. Is what you imagined?" I asked.
I pulled out off her. I looked down and saw her blood covered cunt. She was hurt. To bleed this much wasn't natural. I sat there stroking my cock and staring down at her pussy. She lay there motionless. Then I saw something, and oh god was it hot. My cum poured out of her hole. My cum, her blood. It truly was heaven.

There's more, so much more. I'd love to share it with you some day. Perhaps?