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A New Day, A New You part 10

2022-08-09 00:00:04

Guy: almost two weeks after the date/birth night

“Seriously Katy had a boy,” Stuart says as we’re talking on my phone,” Okay your day was a shit ton better than mine.”

We’ve been catching up; with me working on Steven’s problem and then new baby business I’ve been a little busy and needed to check in on my protégé. I like what I’m hearing about him putting things on his own term and making others work to what he wants within reason. He’s also making real friends, well more or less. We talk about little things, like my new son, and big things, like my new son. Yeah I’m kind of in the moment right now but I still ask about his life, he’s on course to graduate and when he brings up spring break I’m all for him going out and doing everything but catching an STD. Stuart however has a different plan.

“I’m gonna be around the college actually,” he tells me and I’m a little disappointed in him,” there will be people here still, not everyone goes away and maybe I’ll get with Stephanie and make something of the week.”

It’s his call and I won’t turn him against his own planning, he is however getting better about knowing what he wants. I end the call with my protégé and return to the party already in progress. It’s not a party like super loud music and alcohol, hell it’s not even with singing and carrying on like a birthday. This is my family getting together because there is a new baby. Loretta and Mark Sr. flew up from Texas and grabbed Gwen along the way for this and my family, Mom and Dad along with Liz and Kyle, have come over and everyone is taking time talking about family. Literally that’s the only conversation, kids, finances, income, family business. I almost want to drag the men outside and talk about sports but I let everyone have their time. I watch as little Neal is passed around randomly to whoever wants to hold him and then I watch as Liz is holding my new son with a major level of Auntie mode. My wives are happy, my children are happy and my son is currently outing me for my position as Katy’s breast sucker. I will reclaim that title at a later date boy. At some point in the hours that pass the children are off playing outside or something while some of the adults have wound down. Kyle and Liz have gone home taking my niece with them and I notice that while Esmeralda is with her mother in the living room I have three of five children missing and my father. I think for half a second then quickly and quietly head down to the gym. There is my father on the weight bench as my boys throw kicks into the air practicing. They have their full pads on, Dad is being protective but its Christy who is standing at the heavy bag tapping it with her hands and feet like nobody is watching her. It’s Connor who makes a mistake.

“Christy you can’t play with that, it’s not a toy and you’re a girl,” my boy gets the words out of his mouth and that’s when hell breaks loose.

Christy, my bright little ray of sunshine with ginger hair and her nice dress on tackles her brother hard and begins slapping him while he’s on the ground. He has a head guard on and is balling up but it’s when Murphy tries to help by pulling her off that I see way too much of me in my daughter. He grabs her arm and she turns grabs him back before shoving him face first onto the mat. I watch her use the head guard to hold him down and her fist goes into the air when I clap my hands once loud enough to gain everyone’s attention.

“HEY,” I snap and now all eyes, even Dad are on me a little nervous,” Connor and Murphy get over here now.”

My boys are quick to get up but slow to come to their father, I’ve been this mad before but right now I’m two steps away from breaking into the no spanking policy that we have tried hard to uphold. Both my boys are staring at me nervous.

“You will take those off right now,” I point at their pads,” then you will go upstairs and report to your mother.”

I’ve seen someone face his death with fear but this is different, give me death but don’t give me upset Mom. They take off their pads and head up stairs and I turn my attention to my father.

“Guy calm down, it was a bit off color…,” Dad aka Grandpa is trying to save his grandbabies.

“Dad no, mentoring them on fighting is one thing but you just let that happen without saying anything,” I state not happy in the slightest.

“I’m an old man dammit,” Dad I half joking to get me to lighten up but sees my reaction isn’t a good one,” You need to lighten up, this isn’t a world ender.”

“This from the man who stood there and full on punched me in the face when I was thirteen because I needed to know better. No you can step out now,” I order my Dad from my gym.

I watch as my father leaves and I pull my shoes off and step on the mat where Christy, sweet loveable Christy, is petrified as I’m standing there in front of her.

“Go get your mother now,” I tell her quietly and hear her run out.

I sit and put my knees on the floor and kneel waiting for the fallout, this is my fault. I’m quiet and waiting as I hear two sets of footsteps and wait to hear someone speak first.

“Daddy I’m sorry,” Christy says and I turn around to address her.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it Christy,” I get the words out and Rachael is quick on me.

“Guy what are you talking about, she had a blow up,” Rachael wants to start and I stop her.

“She took down both, not one but both her brothers. She wailed on Connor after a full tackle and then when Murphy attempted to stop her she threw him on his face and was going for a kill shot,” that pair of words has Christy in tears,” before I had to intervene. This wasn’t a blowup this is now a serious problem.”

“Guy she has a temper just like you, no what happened isn’t right but you tell me what we’re looking at to deal with this,” Rachael asks and I sigh.

“I’m looking at three groundings,” I get the words out and now my child is in tears.

“Christy honey you go upstairs and tell Mommy Kori I need her down here now,” Rachael says to her daughter quietly.

I don’t address Rachael right now, she’s calling in back up and I know I’m going to get outnumbered if it comes to it. Kori is down stairs fast and Rachael stops her to explain what was said between us and my recounting of what happened. Kori takes a seat in front of me and I see she’s in a mood.

“Okay so the boys are practicing with your father when Christy goes off and proceeds to take down both of them and they need to be grounded,” Kori asks and I nod, it’s basically what happened,” We’re not doing that.”

“Excuse me,” I reply and the rage is perking.

“You heard me just fine Guy Donnelly, we’re not grounding the children. I’ll handle the boys because that comment was not appropriate and Rachael will talk to Christy about her anger. Yes it was bad but this is why you train them,” Kori informs me and I about to spit fire.

“I don’t train Christy, Christy has had temper problems before and this is a culmination of me not taking a harder line on it,” I tell Kori who shakes her head.

“The decision is what needs to happen and if you want to start teaching Christy you can but we’re moving forward and that’s our decision,” Kori states as Rachael nods in agreement.

“Then I’m out,” I tell her standing up and moving past the two of them head upstairs.

Family is calmly trying to handle the situation with the boys and Christy while Dad, Mom Loretta and Mom are all in a small meeting in the dining room as I head to the garage keys in hand. No bikes today, I’m in the mistress and watching the garage door begin to open see Imelda knocking on the window.

“Guy get out of the car,” she tells me and I don’t even look.

Irish temper versus Latina temper, it’s a grudge match that has never been settled but as the garage door opens she moves in front of my car and stands there with her hands on her hips waiting. I know she’s daring me to move the car and I’m pissed off enough to do a lot of things, run over my wife isn’t one of them. Cut the engine and step out of the car, she smiles a little bit but not when I drop my keys and walk past her and down the driveway.

“Guy walking away isn’t fixing anything,” Imelda says running up and cutting me off.

“Neither is being told that my word isn’t worth anything in my own fucking house,” I swore and children could be nearby, rule broken there probably.

“Kori and Rachael are more than a little bit upset and I don’t know what was said but I know the kids are freaking out and now their father is mad and leaving. Is that the image you want to leave them with,” Imelda says stopping me in the driveway.

“As opposed to the image of their father being a fucking eunuch because his word is overruled by his wives at all times. Where when I finally decide to exert some authority in a very bad situation I’m told flat out no and that there will be no punishment,” I state my point and Imelda is paused at my point.

“Okay well I’m not taking your balls away first off; second if kids were fighting then we need to do something now. I’m not saying grounding for life but tears and some pain can be involved,” my fire goddess for a wife who is pulling my brain back into the fray that is my raging tempest.

I get walked back inside slowly as Imelda has my arm and is very much on my side for some of this at the very least. My wives are in a very quiet mood, they know that cutting me off is a bad move. Negotiations are something that I am open to but cutting me off and outnumbering me is a big mistake. Katy is holding our new son and immediately hands him to me with a smile.

“You try to be pissed off now,” Katy says and it’s not impossible but I will say it’s difficult and I can’t rage out fully.

“That’s not very nice Katy,” I tell her and she smiles before turning on the boys and their mother.

“Neither is being a couple budding sexist little butts. You think it’s only a boy thing learning how to fight,” Katy asks and now Kori is about to take up arms,” Oh don’t you say a word we’ll be having a talk later about not talking it out with everyone.”

“I was stopping him from running over everyone’s agreed rules,” Kori says stepping up.

“Actually we were kinda running over Guy,” Rachael says and Kori is a bit grumpy at Rachael.

“Boys get your pads on and wait for me down stairs, you two Dad minus the pads. Christy you need to get some shorts on and a shirt because you’re going down stairs too,” I tell the kids and my father who is quick to get the boys downstairs.

I hand Neal back to Katy who pulls the rest of the wives aside and I figure they can talk while I take care of the children. I’m downstairs and Connor and Murphy have their pads on and are adjusting them when I say one word to my Dad who immediately knows what I’m doing, plank. My Dad shows both boys how to get into the position and like a push up in the down position. The boys get into the position when I tell them the bad news.

“Now boys you are going to hold that till I get tired,” I say sitting down and watching them.

“But Dad you’re not doing it with us,” Connor says stating the obvious.

“I know Connor, now hold the position,” I tell them and that’s when the reality sets in.

Its shaky limbs in a matter of a minute, as their sister comes down and I turn my attention to Christy who is very sheepish.

“Grandpa is going to have you doing kicks on the bag,” I tell her and she looks a little nervous.

I let her and Grandpa go over it and he keeps her kicking as high as she can with both legs as long as she can. My boys however fail the plank; I wasn’t remotely tired when I move them to the chair, basically a squat with their arms out so they look like a chair. In all of an hour there are tears, Christy can barely kick her legs and the boys are almost falling down when I stop. I do note that I have gathered a small crowd as my wives are watching in mild shock when I call it and let the kids relax, which ends in flopping on the mat.

“Connor, Murphy I ever and I mean in the whole of your lives hear a comment like that again I will make you run. I mean run till this feels like movie night,” I point the boys out and they slowly stumble out past the assembled family.

Christy is up on her feet and staggers to me before falling, literally falling, into my arms and shaking. I hold her for a moment before holding her in front of me.

“Christy you never fight family, you never hit family. That is rule one,” I tell her and she nods,” Did Mommy Kori and Mommy Rachael get in an argument with me?”

“Yes Daddy,” my girl answers quietly.

“Did mommy hit me,” I ask and she shakes her head no,” Did I hit Mommy?”

“No Daddy I’m sorry,” Christy is about to cry again and I put a finger under her chin to get her attention.

“Baby I know you are, so is Connor and Murphy but never again,” I tell my baby girl and she nods,” Now go talk to Mommy about getting some pads for training.”

“Wait what,” Rachael has a word to contribute.

“You didn’t see her take down, I mean my boy was good with some practice but she’s going to be amazing,” my Dad says and I shake my head at his words.

“She needs control, either she gets it in here or we go with groundings. I’m opting for training,” I tell her standing up.

It calms down in the house more or less, I’m not super pissed off but I am however a little edgy as family leaves and when I put the kids down I get apologies from the boys and a big hug from Christy. Esmeralda is quiet and just happy I didn’t forget about her in the whole chaos of the evening. Katy and the wives are up in bed as I sit in the living room and decompress, small amount of stress for the day. The kids are in bed, my wives are in bed and I’m sitting trying to relax when I hear footsteps on the stairs. It’s not long before the silence is broken.

“Are you coming to bed Guy,” Kori asks curious.

“I will later, just winding down,” I say not looking at my wife.

“Mad at me,” She asks moving next to my chair.

“Frustrated, years and we haven’t had many problems but you decide to throw the numbers game in my face when we swore there would be one team, our team,” I tell Kori and she sighs at me.

“You were one end of the spectrum and I thought you were going to talk to me about it. I screwed up and pushed too hard. I never wanted to drive you out of the house,” Kori says moving to her knees next to my chair.

“Yeah well you don’t listen to me, you don’t talk to me, you make sure I’m listening then you tell me what you want,” I tell her and she grabs my hand.

“That’s your anger talking and it’s very one sided, stop being angry and just feel. I was wrong I admit that but what you wanted was harsh, the boys will be sore tomorrow but they’ll want more, Christy is going shopping with Rachael for some gear because she wants to prove she’s strong like Katy. It’s better now and will be better once you breathe and think, it’s what you do best,” Kori says and clarifies,” Thinking not breathing though I’m glad you do that too.”

“She was on fire, I mean at her age I had trouble keeping my guard up but she’s fast and throws everything at her target,” I tell Kori who snickers.

“Gee I wonder who that reminds me of,” Kori replies with a smirk on her face.

“Yeah well I’m going to go lay down,” I reply standing up and heading for the guest bedroom.

I head down to Stuart’s old room and step inside, the bed is made and I close the door mostly before sitting down on the bed. It takes less than a minute for Kori to follow me into the bed room with a look of concern on her face. My wife has on a long purple pajama top, the kind that teens would wear with shorts but I know she doesn’t have shorts on or a bra as she follows me in with a concerned look on her face.

“Baby come up stairs, no punishing yourself by sleeping separate,” Kori says and I look at her a little mad, well not really mad but in a mood.

I lower my head and hear the door close before Kori moves over to me and gently takes my head in her hands. She’s so soft and warm as she pulls my face to her breasts. I am a little grumpy still from being shut out earlier but memory is taking over and I smile before looking up at her.

“I remember the first time I actually thought about asking you out,” I tell Kori who gives me an interesting look.

“Really, this is a story I haven’t heard,” my first wife says with a smile.

“You were staying over one night and I wasn’t quite with Heather yet and I heard you talking to Liz about me. Someone was interested because you saw me without my shirt somehow,” I remind her and she thinks for a bit.

“Yeah you were working on this hard body you keep and I peeked in the gym that your Dad kept to see what the big deal was,” Kori says smiling.

“Well I heard you talking to me with Liz and that’s when she royally shut us down. She was flat out on the ‘no dating my brother’ policy,” I tell Kori who is now on her knees in front of me.

“I thought about jumping you in bed that night,” Kori says undoing my pants,” why don’t we have sex?”

“We do have sex,” I remind my wife as I help her get my pants down.

“No we make love, I like it a lot don’t get me wrong but you never give it to me like you do Imelda and Katy,” Kori says and I actually give her the ‘really’ look,” I’m serious why don’t you fuck me?”

My wife has me out of my pants and boxer briefs and in her hands giving me a good stroking as I stand up. I have Kori’s head in my hands as I push the head of my cock into her mouth, I’m half hard and she takes me down to the base easily but I hold her head and work the back eight inches in and out of her mouth while keeping her head still. I haven’t been like this with her in a while but she’s enjoying it as I keep fucking her face gently.

“Finger your pussy Kori,” I tell her and watch her hands move down to her crotch.

I move her head and my hips faster feeling her moan on my cock, years together leave no gagging but she is giving it to me wet. I can see her arm moving a little faster than usual when I feel the back of her throat and hold there. It takes a bit and she flexes her jaw a little and I pull out as we laugh lightly.

“I got used to that before we graduated,” Kori informs me as I stand her up and stop her from taking her pajama top off,” Honey but I like naked time.”

“I’d make love to you naked but we’re not making love are we,” I tell her moving around to her back.

I guide her to the bed and watch her crawl on top of the blankets and give her ass a little shake teasing me. My response is moving behind her and flipping up the bottom of the long pajama top and pulling her panties down off her ass. I left my pants and shorts on the floor when I see the perfect target and lay a smack on her right ass cheek. Kori yelps since I don’t really slap her ass at all and I rub the tender spot before smacking it again. I see she has the blankets in her hands as she rests on her elbows and knees. I keep her knees together and rub my cock head against her slit slowly before gripping her hips and slamming the length of it deep inside her. Kori squeals a little as I pound into her hard and deep. I grip her hip with one hand and grab her hair with the other pulling back as she tries to lower her head to the bed, I can see her biting the blanket a little as she moans from my onslaught. She’s wet and I can hear a light sloshing noise as I pound away pulling Kori into me at the same time. Another smack on the ass has her groan at me.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me,” my wife groans a little louder than usual.

I haven’t pounded her like this in years and looking down I get an idea, a pretty wicked one as I spit down her ass before wetting my thumb with my mouth. Kori seems oblivious to all but the pounding I’m giving her until I push my thumb against her asshole, then she’s very aware of what’s happening.

“Guy what are you doing,” Kori asks a little panicked.

“Well you said fuck you like Katy and Imelda,” I tell her and she becomes very quiet.

I slow up my pounding a little as I work my thumb slowly against her asshole till finally I get in to the first knuckle and Kori squeaks at the invasion. I resume pounding her keeping her hair in one hand as I hold my thumb in place up her ass. Pounding her like this is new for us both since I’m breaking in her asshole with my thumb but she’s not crying out, I keep up the pressure and finally get my whole thumb in her ass and the grunt that comes out of her mouth is long and loud. We’re slamming into each other and I feel my orgasm coming hard and fast, Kori is grunting and shaking when I cum and that’s when we are both surprised as she squirts onto the bed. I fill her up as she collapses on the bed and I catch my breath pulling my thumb out and letting her hair go. Both of us are breathing heavy as Kori rolls out of the wet spot and I move to the floor to avoid sitting in it entirely. I chuckle and Kori moves to the floor and begins to laugh with me before we’re both surprised with a knock on the door. I grab my pants and pull them on quick before hopping up and opening the door a crack while Kori hides. I am staring at my sons, Connor and Murphy who look a little concerned.

“Dad we heard something,” Connor says quietly.

“What did you hear,” I ask concerned for my sons.

“We think it was a ghost,” Murphy says looking around.

“A ghost,” I’m a little confused and they explain.

“We heard noises, like moaning and squeaking. It’s wasn’t upstairs so we came down here,” Connor informs me as I hear their mother making sure she’s decent,” Dad what’s in there with you?”

“Your mother and I were making up from our fight earlier,” I tell my sons and they look at me confused,” we were having a tickle fight.”

“Aren’t you supposed to tickle fight in your room,” Murphy asks a little confused.

“Yes but the baby is in there, we can’t keep the baby up with ‘tickle fighting’,” Kori snickers a little.

Both my sons understand now and their mother joins me in the doorway to put help put them back to bed, the whole time watching their mother keep behind me till they are in bed. We head to our bedroom and clean off in the bathroom before we crawl into bed. We get a couple looks and I get pawed at by Matty who is strong when she’s tired and I’m being cuddled to bed and sleep. The next morning is Monday and we get the children off to school when Rachael steps past as Kori and I are sitting with Katy and baby Neal in the living room.

“So does anyone know why they love me fellow wives and husband,” Rachael says and we look at her confused,” Because when people have wild sex and leave cum, male and female, all over the guest bed I’m the nice one and I clean it up and get the blankets in the wash.”

“He got you to squirt,” Katy asks surprised,” Girl you never really squirt.”

“She did last night, it was almost like when you go off,” Rachael replies as Kori is red faced and wholly embarrassed.

“He put his thumb in my butt,” Kori mutters and both my wives cackle,” It’s not happening again for a while that’s for damn sure.”

We feel good and relaxed, infighting settled and no bridges burned. Katy is super tired even a couple weeks after the birth and as I worry Kori reminds me how she was in naptime mode for months when she wasn’t taking care of our sons. I will keep an eye on this but generally I smile as things are doing better than okay, things are really good.

Stuart: Wednesday same week

Last couple of days before spring break and it’s pretty much a free for all with classes, some teachers are assigning work and others are giving reading assignments. Even well paid teachers want to spend a week doing nothing job related I guess. I’m more than caught up on everything and get back to my dorm room to find that we have a guest as Stephanie is sitting on the couch talking with Richard who is standing leaning against the refrigerator. Both smile as they see me and I actually don’t feel bad seeing the two of them together.

“Hey guys what’s going on,” I ask closing the door.

“Well she came over to see you and I was keeping her company the right way for a change,” Richard says cracking a joke at his own expense, I laugh.

“Yes well Stuart it’s time,” Steph says and I take a second to figure out what she’s implying.

“We’ve been over this Steph and I’m not ready yet, I know you are but it just doesn’t feel right,” I tell her keeping in mind I could right now.

“I’ve been waiting and waiting for weeks now and nothing, we get close and you pull away. I’m sorry about what happened I made a stupid mistake and drove you away, literally and don’t tell me I didn’t because if I hadn’t you’d never have gone off on yourself improvement exile and we would be happy and probably living together,” Stephanie has thought about this more than I gave her credit for.

“I’m glad you think about this Steph but I don’t. I focus on the here and now and I’m going to wait till it feels right for me, if you can’t accept that then go out and screw around with someone else. We’re not in a relationship just like last year and personally I’m not the sensitive guy that I used to be. This is about you getting off, and then go get off. If it were about a relationship you’d wait,” I tell her a bit harder than I wanted to come off.

“Fine Richard lets go,” Steph says standing up and heading to his room but Richard isn’t moving.

“I can’t Stephanie,” his words even give me pause.

“What we’ve done this before and I need something and since he’s not giving it to me I’m calling you out on our ‘No Strings’ agreement,” Stephanie says and he sighs.

“I won’t do that to Stuart again. Even if he says okay it’s a friend thing, you don’t screw around with the girl your friend is dating. I did that enough and need to keep what friends, all two of them, that I have,” Richard explains to a very heated Stephanie.

Stephanie is pissed and the level of shock that she has leads to words that don’t make sense and the ones that do are of the four letter variety. Richard and I both watch as she storms past us and out of our dorm room slamming the door. We both stand quietly before Richard decides to break the silence.

“So big plans spring break,” He asks trying to change the subject.

“Not really, just hoping to relax. By the way, thank you,” I tell him and he actually looks surprised.

“You shouldn’t have to thank me for doing the right thing by my friend. Besides I’m not that easy,” he says and I give him a look,” Okay I can be that easy but you and her would be a good couple, just saying it.”

I let him have his opinion before heading to my room to relax, I figure it’ll be a couple days before I try to speak with Stephanie again and then maybe I’ll see if I feel ready. I get my gym clothes on and figure I’ll head off to work off some of the bile that Stephanie spewed on me. I swing by and pick up Robin on the way, she wasn’t planning on working out but she’s more than interested in hanging around the gym with me. We are going for a half hour when I let her know what is going on with me and Stephanie. She listens and only when I ask her thoughts does she give them up.

“Well I think you’re honestly over her but can’t bring yourself to walk away without hurting her a little,” Robin tells me before laughing,” I’m kidding, you’re not that type of guy. Honestly she burned you pretty bad, glad to hear your roommate is stepping up though. I’ve seen him around and am a little surprised to hear he didn’t go after her.”

“You and me both, was different but nice for a change,” I reply spotting her on the bench.

“I’m wondering if you would have been broken up if he did it anyway,” Robin says and I think for a moment.

“Honestly I don’t know. I like her I just don’t feel like I did last year,” I tell Robin as we finish her set.

Usually when I head off to the heavy bags Robin goes to the stationary bikes but this time she’s with me and when I pull off my long sleeve top she takes off her standard hooded sweater and sweat pants leaving me with a shock. When we first met she was cute and chubby, her face still has some of the features from that but now she’s lean and when she sees me staring as she wraps her hands I get a laugh.

“Something catch your eye,” Robin asks and I nod.

“So these gym trips have been helping you out I see,” I tell her and she smiles.

“Yeah well welcome to the friend zone because I’m not interested in dates or drinks with my friends,” Robin says and I actually feel a bit bad about it.

“Okay well then I won’t be taking you to lunch today,” I tell her setting up against the heavy bag.

“Well fine then I won’t dress up to go out to lunch with you,” Robin says kicking the speed bag, something I’ve never seen her do.

“Well then I won’t be buying you a drink so you can get all shit faced and sleep in my bed after treating you like a lady,” I retort hammering the heavy bag.

“Well then I won’t be feeling super grateful and decide that I need to have sex after a gentleman treating me like a real lady,” Robin says taking the speed bag’s ‘head’ off.

We both stop and look at each other before laughing, witty banter aside I’ve never even heard of her being on a date this year. I do remember how bad she got burned by her ex and I like her, I do genuinely like Robin but as far as I can tell she’s not interested. The debate on whether or not I should try to get her interested goes on the back burner as Robin finishes her work out and we say goodbye. I’m on my own for maybe a half hour when I feel like I’m being watched. I stop the speed bag work and look around to see Niki standing at the door way watching me. I haven’t spoken to her really since the beginning of the year but she’s still pretty much the same, dark brown skin still about 5’7” she’s not really dressed for socializing with sweat pants and a denim jacket. Her face has a bit of an upset expression on it. I don’t say anything to her; I simply begin removing my hand tape while she stands there silently.

“Hey can we talk,” Niki asks as I pull on my long sleeve top.

“Why,” I ask in turn.

“Cause I’d like to. Also because it’s been a problem trying to go out with my boyfriend after you dropped him in front of everyone at the start of the year,” Niki says and I step up to her.

“Not my problems,” I tell her stepping past and back to the main portion of the gym.

“Yes it is, it was screwed up and I didn’t think about what I was doing when I brought you to my room okay. I made that mistake and I was hoping you’d be a little more understanding,” Niki says following me.

“I understood completely, you used me and thought it would be alright to use me. Then you brought your also cheating boyfriend around to help assure yourselves that what you did by not giving me even a barely decent fucking was alright,” I tell her as I exit the gym.

“Larry is scared of you okay. He’s afraid you’re going to kick his ass again,” Niki says and I laugh.

“Even though I have the spare thirty seconds to do that more than once in a day I don’t give a fuck about Larry, he thought he could screw around and you did too. Problem is you both half assed it and tried to make it work in the long run. What pissed me off wasn’t that you kicked me out, I didn’t get my chance to finish you ungrateful bitch and you knew it,” I state as I turn on Niki fast.

“Okay well what can I do to make it up to you? I’m just trying to get you to let Larry know that you’re not going to beat the shit out of him again,” Niki says and I give her the look,” No I can’t do that.”

“Don’t worry I don’t want it from you anyway, when it comes to sex partners you’re greedy and honestly not worth the time. As for Larry fuck him and fuck you. Let him run and hide cause I don’t give a shit about him regardless,” I state turning away before leaving her with a final thought,” Oh and if he comes to find me I will personally fuck his world up.”

I head back to my room alone and find Richard sitting on the couch watching TV. I hit my room for a change of clothes and then hit the shower to clean off. Clean and putting my dirty clothes back in my room I grab a couple beers from my fridge and join Richard in the living room handing him one, I get a nod of thanks and we watch some girl action movie that goes from Samurai to Nazis to mobsters, it’s confusing.

“Thanks for earlier, I know it wasn’t what you would have normally done and it wouldn’t have been like last year for me but it was nice,” I tell Richard as the movie does yet another scene change.

“Yeah well I wasn’t in the mood to play games tonight,” Richard replies and I look at him funny,” Dude she wanted to make you jealous and was so sure I would take her that she didn’t expect me to do the right thing.”

“So you didn’t do that because we’re friends,” I joke.

“No I didn’t only do it because we were friends. You planning on hooking up with her, we were talking before you showed up and she’s really into you,” Richard tells me and I shrug.

Really into me yes but not so much that guilt and trying to play games to make me jealous are out of the question for her. I figure I’ll come see her sometime during spring break and maybe we’ll try to get together but for now I’m relaxing and I can actually say I think of Richard as a friend and not as dumb as he was when we first met.

It’s the Friday before spring break and I offer to take Richard to the airport since he’s heading back home to visit family or heading to visit family somewhere way out of my price range. He actually offered to pay for my ticket but I don’t want to be shown around for a week and not really do anything I want. Guy already let me know there would be no new work this week and even offered to let me come back up and visit. I would like to see the new baby and visit his family but I plan to do that this summer for as long as they’ll let me. I get Richard dropped off and we say a goodbye and I’m back home in an hour as I realize that my vacation is going to be pretty good. I make my own plans first of all being head out with Jamal and go to some clubs, kind of cheesy but we do talk when he’s not busy trying to make money and he’s the first guy to actually have my back without a reason, well save for Guy and his people but that is recruiting. I still consider them friends but they are also going to do what’s best when money and business is on the line, I can understand that now after the first job I got to help with. I make arrangements to meet him tomorrow night at his choice of club, figure it’ll be one with a lot of dancing but so what. Either I dance and have fun or I don’t and relax. It’s the middle of the day and I’m going over some files with Jun when he tells me he has to go, his wife is home and the kids are gone. I learned that she’s a bit of a sex fiend over the months and I let him go and figure I’ll order food or something when I get a knock on my door. I brace myself for Stephanie and whatever she has in mind and when I pull my door open I’m greeted with lips and hard kissing, I almost have to pull back but I have no chance of getting away when I’m backed onto the couch and I can’t make out who is doing this, I finally pull the female off of me and I get a major surprise.

“Candice,” I greet my old friend from Washington.

“Hey sexy man, someone let it be known that you weren’t going anywhere or doing anything for spring break so I figured I’d go somewhere,” Candice says leaning forward and kissing my neck,” And do someone for spring break.”

I’m able to pull Candice off of me and put her on her ass on the couch before standing up and grabbing the one piece of luggage she brought and pulling it in the dorm slam the door shut. I turn to her but she’s not on the couch, she’s behind it and her pants are on the floor in front of it while she is heading towards my open bedroom. Her dyed blond hair is more half and half now between brunette and blond and her friend Victoria let her have a secret from the collection in orange with frills. I’m after her fast and half naked with my shorts coming off as Candice pulls me in for another kiss while I strip down. The woman has me out of my underwear in a matter of seconds and I feel gentle hands tugging at me as I’m turned and put on my back on my bed. I rub my hands up and down Candice’s soft curves when she flips the script literally and moves around straddling my face. I’ve got a great view of orange semitransparent with frills cover mound when I feel Candice take me in her mouth slowly taking her time to enjoy me. I feel her tongue working its way up and down my shaft as I lean my head up and pulling her barely there panties aside bury my tongue in her sweet hole. Her reaction is immediate and after a gasp she wastes no time taking as much of me in her mouth as possible, which with her skill is every inch. Candice has a sweet and musky scent that I dive into tongue and lips first licking in between her lips and going for the entrance to her pussy. I’m working hard and fast tongue fucking her while she mouth fucks my cock; I’m gripping her hips to hold her in place so she doesn’t squirm around too much. We’re both moaning when she stops and begins to pull away from me and I almost try to hold her in place and finish her off but don’t in favor of seeing what she has in mind. I note Candice is still thick bodied and soft all over but it looks damn good on her as she lies back and spreads herself for me.

“Get in here and show me what I’ve been missing,” Candice growls and I smile.

I don’t rush her this time; I’m slow and deliberate crawling my way up her body leaving a trail of kisses as I go. She still has her panties and bra on but her nipples are exposed, I feel her hands move down and as one probably pulls her panties aside the other takes hold of me and guides me to the entrance of her pussy. I press in, not shove or slam, press into Candice slowly and feel how warm and soft she is inside as I take her inch by inch till I’m resting my hips against her own. Her eyes are closed with a look of anticipation before bringing her hands back up to my face and kissing me softly. I’m buried inside Candice when she rolls her hips against me and I pause because I’m supposed to be the one moving in this position, right? Slowly and tenderly she rolls and grinds her hips against mine working my entire cock with her pussy and making sure I remember just how damn good she feels. I move with her as we slowly press against each other and I must keep control and not lose it too soon. Every time we full press against each other Candice moans a little and I watch her but she doesn’t watch me, she is keeping her eyes closed like she’s concentrating. I keep my body up on my elbows and go a little harder into her but not ruining the feeling of what we are doing together. Candice’s hands grip my ass and help pull her against me a little hard to match me as her head lowers putting her forehead at the base of my neck, every full connection I hear her take a sharp breath like a hiccup but more sensual. With our oral work on each other I didn’t think we’d last even half this long, hell I figured I’d be on my second orgasm by now but I can feel my first one beginning to build and arch my back and neck gritting my teeth and trying to hold out.

“Oh shit you’re gonna cum,” Candice moans.

“I’m trying not to,” I tell her still gritting my teeth.

“Fuck that! You cum and I’ll cum so hard I’ll break your hips,” Candice tells me wrapping her legs around my ass.

We’re grinding against each other in long slow thrusts when I feel my balls tighten and I let go into Candice. Both of us grip and clutch at each other hard while moaning and panting as I flood her and she massages me in her orgasm. I actually feel tired after sex, it’s been a couple weeks mind you but still I’ve never felt like I needed to stop and breathe for a while after sex till now. When I roll off or when Candice finally releases me from the vise grip of her legs, I’m not sure which way it happened, but we’re lying next to each other breathing heavy when she laughs a little. I chuckle and feel her moving off the bed and look to see her ample ass stripping down to the buff and leaving her probably expensive lingerie on the floor before moving to the head of my bed and pulling me along with her so that we’re laying down together. No thinking, no talking, no pleasantries just two people very happy to reconnect. Yes it’s a bad pun but it was a damn good reconnection. Finally after what feels like hours we both begin to stir and Candice leans over to kiss me softly before resting her head on my shoulder.

“Well my hips are still intact,” I joke and Candice giggles.

“Well that’s good and I’m glad you’re happy to see me,” she says cuddling up.

“Very happy, was thinking about what I was going to spend time doing this week when I wasn’t going out with a friend,” I tell Candice who gives me an interested look,” A guy friend, he’s good people.”

“I was hoping to see this roommate that kept screwing with you last year,” she informs me a little grumpy.

“He’s on vacation with his family or his family is sending him somewhere expensive. They have money and since I wasn’t going I didn’t pay too much attention to what he was doing,” I joke and Candice laughs a little with me.

We shower, we eat, we talk, and she cuddles with me while we watch a movie, basically all the things you’d want to do with someone before sex but we already had the sex first. I offer to do more or something special but Candice feels a bit weird after her plane trip down and decides that staying in our first night and relaxing is what she wants. I learn that she prefers t shirts and panties for her bed clothes and fully expects me to be shirtless while we sleep. Waking up the next morning is nice, Candice is snoring lightly turned away from me as I cuddle up to her putting my arm over her body. She shifts against me and mumbles something about cold and goes right back to sleep. I wait a little bit and decide to get up and get some food, no real kitchen in the dorm but a microwave and a fridge help some. Cereal is my go to in the morning when I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything thing. I eat and dress to go running, it’s a bit later than usual for me and I discover that while I have been running I’m doing it at earlier than the rest of the world. I find myself on a trail I’ve never been on with people who I’ve never met and get back after about an hour and a half feeling a bit more energized and alert only to discover Candice is still sleeping. I shrug and grab my towel to shower. I’m in for maybe five minutes when I hear the door and wait for Candice to join me but nothing happens.

“Hello,” I ask gauging the situation.

“Don’t open the curtain I’m peeing,” Candice informs me firmly.

“Ummm I’ve kinda seen you naked and we had sex last night,” I state when she snaps at me.

“Yes but you watching me pee is weird,” She states and I am curious.

“How do you know that if I’ve never done it,” I ask forgetting to rinse my hair.

“My ex did that, even said I needed to leave the bathroom door open so he knew when I was going,” She tells me and now I’m interested.

“Wait he watched you pee,” I ask getting what I think was a yes,” was it a sex thing?”

“At first it wasn’t then I was squatting and he tried to have me give him a blowjob, I really wasn’t in the mood but tried anyway then he made it disgusting,” Candice states and I almost peek out to ask her what he did,” He peed in my mouth.”

“What a fucking dick,” I tell her because that’s shit you’d discuss first by my understanding.

“Oh I was mad, I packed my shit and was leaving when he said he’d drink mine and that was the end for me,” Candice says obviously disgusted by the memory.

“Well I have an idea,” I tell her as I can see her frame stand up.

“What is your idea, BAAAAAAH,” Candice says before screaming at me.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed her before pulling her in her t shirt with her panties down into the water with me. Shocked and sputtering for a minute she pulls off her shirt and panties throwing them out of the shower. I watch her get mad and leave the shower only to return still grumpy at me but with her shower supplies, I forgot she didn’t have any.

“That was a dick move, you are so lucky the water was warm or I would have been so pissed you’d get no sex for the whole day,” Candice tells me smirking and not as mad as I thought.

This is the first time I’ve showered with a woman and I learn a couple things. One they take the shower water and you end up in the back getting sprayed by whatever bounces around. Two they are constantly turning around to find their stuff even though they set it all in the same spot. Three I’ve developed a secret desire to be a body scrub after watching Candice soap herself up and rinse off. I’m harder than I thought I’d be just watching her when she bends down facing away from me to scrub her legs and feet. I’m not even thinking as I put the tip in and that’s when she stops what she is doing. We’re both on pause when she drops her scrubby and places her hands on the wall in front of her, I grip her hips and push inside slowly letting water run down her back and ass as I bury myself inside her. I go slowly because this is a start with no foreplay but it doesn’t take long before Candice is wet and I’m able to move at a decent pace in and out of her pussy. Last night was more of us reconnecting but now it’s about getting each other off and that is exactly what I’m trying to do. I can hear some weird sloshing from the water running down and getting caught periodically in between us. I try not to rush too much but its difficult when Candice’s body is inviting at any angle, at least to me it is. I’m not going too hard but when she slips a little we both pause and Candice pulls away from me straightening up and rinsing off before cutting off the water. We exit and dry off a little before she takes me by my penis and walks me to my bedroom, she lets go as we reach my bed and lays down on her stomach relaxing and waiting. I waste no time moving on the bed behind Candice as she raises her ass so I can get back inside her.

“Just take it,” Candice moans as I grind into her.

I keep my body up off hers by resting on my hands at first while pumping my hips against her ample ass. I’m going faster than I was in the shower since she’s angled for me to do so but I hear her whimper a little and I slow down when she pushes up into me. I thought she was nervous or hurt or something but with her pushing against me I resume working myself into her harder. I lean down onto my elbows and pick up the pace as Candice groans and grips the blanket on my bed. It takes me a second to realize this whole time she’s not looked at me, not once and every other time she wanted to see me. I slow down and loosen her grip on the blanket for one hand and hold it in mine while slowly keeping us both going. I kiss her shoulder, her neck, her ear and the whole time Candice goes from facing the bed to finally facing me. Her eyes are soft and she nods before pushing against me and I take my cue. I still have her hand in mine but now I’m giving it to her hard and fast while breathing hard, I thought I hurt on runs but no more running this week if I plan to get some relief in the morning. Candice begins to moan and it’s the best sound ever as I pick up speed and feel her clamping down. It doesn’t take me much longer before I collapse onto her and buck against her ass while in her pussy and finally with a groan cum hard and deep. Candice for her part whimpers and moves back into me while gripping my hand tightly. It takes a few minutes but finally she nudges me and I roll off of her onto my bed but instead of cuddling she is up and dragging me back to the shower. We resume our cleaning off but this time it’s more hands on each other and close as opposed to me watching her. We’re out and dressed when she pushes me onto my bed and throwing herself over me leans down and gives me a gentle kiss. We’re like that for minutes when she breaks the kiss and settles against me.

“Did I do something wrong,” I ask and she shakes her head.

“Some clients are very into the take charge lessons, it felt like that in the shower and I figured you needed more but I didn’t feel into it. Then you stopped and you held my hand,” I can hear her tearing up and I hold her against me.

“I’m sorry,” I start but she pulls her head off my chest and looks at me hard with a few tears.

“No you idiot, you did everything right. I felt off, you comforted me and let me feel good. Then I got into it and we both enjoyed it. You cared about me,” Candice says before giving me another kiss.

Wow, complex woman but I like her and I’m glad I am not so jaded I didn’t stop to see if she felt right. The next hour is just us relaxing and finally talking about what she does, most of it sounds basic in comparison to the evaluation she gave me. Our talk is good but a grumbling noise gets us both to laugh before we dress and head out to get some real food, I make a quick call first and figure it’s time to show off to someone who matters. We get sat down at a nice chain restaurant and I ask for an extra menu confusing Candice for a moment when Jamal spots me and sits down.

“I’m all for a free meal man but you need to tell me where is your subscription and how do I get one,” Jamal says taking his seat.

“What subscription are you talking about,” I ask confused.

“The subscription to ‘Beautiful and Intelligent Women Who will go out with you’. Hi there I’m Jamal,” my unbelievably suave black friend says extending his hand to Candice.

“I’m Candice and you need a woman really badly don’t you,” she counters and we all laugh.

“My god do I need a steady woman but I don’t go after women who belong to my friends,” Jamal counters and Candice looks at him a little shocked.

“Oh we’re just friends,” I state and he is now the only one laughing.

“Yeah and I’m the first black pope. I can tell you two are into something special with each other,” he says and I see Candice blush,” Oh you two haven’t had the talk yet?”

No we hadn’t talked about anything yet but now apparently we have a conversation that needs to happen, just not in public. Mercifully we relax and order brunch while Jamal and Candice talk about me a bit. Jamal goes over us hanging out and meeting women while showing me how to dance and Candice talks about me like we’ve never had sex. It’s creepy how she can go into how she was there during my internship and was one of my field coaches for a time but we became good friends. Jamal listens and when he is done with most questions he decides to go for the jugular.

“So you two are just friends and that’s it,” he asks as Candice nods,” Okay so when you two were having sex did you say each other’s names or did you just grip each other like it was the end of the world?”

“Dude what the hell,” I burst as Candice nearly chokes on her juice.

“It’s all over your faces, I can tell just by looking at her that she has been well done and by you recently,” Jamal says explaining.

“Okay where did you pick up a skill like that,” Candice asks and he laughs.

“Sexual harassment classes at my first job,” Jamal replies and we all laugh,” No it’s just something I could see because I know him. I’ve seen him after women and he’s fine but you are different for him. I mean really different. It’s like when he’s around that Robin girl.”

“Who’s Robin,” Candice asks and now I’m worried as she leans in.

“Oh they work out together, study together, have lunches together, he’s got her really drunk and took care of her,” Jamal recounts and I’m pretty sure I’m not getting sex for the rest of the week.

“So do they sleep together,” Candice asks curious.

“No he’s been holding back with her, I mean he likes her but it’s like he’s confused sometimes. With you he’s all ov